E-Book Review: "Ebook Farming"

Written by Merle

Ifrepparttar name "Boogie Jack" sounds likerepparttar 108487 monster that hid under your bed as a child, you obviously haven't been onrepparttar 108488 Internet for any length of time. Boogie Jack's real name is Dennis Gaskill, and he's a well known online figure who has written volumes on HTML and publishes a very entertaining ezine. He makes his living totally online, hence he knows what he's talking about. His website, http://www.BoogieJack.com , is loaded with helpful resources for webmasters; over 500 pages worth. And he recently wrote a book to teach web design that is being used by over 100 colleges - such as Penn State, Kansas State, and The Art Institute of Los Angeles - to colleges as far away as Zimbabwe, Africa.

Dennis' latest release is an ebook entitled "eBook Farming: How to Grow Money Selling Your Words and Ideas." I recently got my hands on a copy ofrepparttar 108489 book to review and was thoroughly impressed with what I read.

A lot of online ebooks are full of fluff and not worthrepparttar 108490 digital space they take up, but that's definitely notrepparttar 108491 case here. Dennis spent over 300 hours doingrepparttar 108492 research forrepparttar 108493 book, which consists of over 200 pages that will teach yourepparttar 108494 ins and outs of publishing your own ebook and how to market it.

The book contains over 22 chapters covering everything from how to find a topic, pricing factors, ebook compilers, writing tips, developing a website for your ebook, and how to get your ebook reviewed to how to take payments without a merchant account, starting your own affiliate program and more.

I actually printed outrepparttar 108495 book so I could thoroughly absorb its content at my leisure (not easy on my printer cartridge, but worth every drop of ink I used).

"How to protect your Ebook download pages"

Written by Dirk Dupon

"How to protect your Ebook download pages from being stolen!"

By Dirk Dupon

If you're currently selling Ebooks or software via Paypal or Clickbank, you may not be aware ofrepparttar fact that your digital products can be stolen... even right now!

Malicious people who have ordered your product can passrepparttar 108486 download link to others.

It happens allrepparttar 108487 time with music files or complete software programs, so why shouldn't it happen to your product?

In fact, this may have been one ofrepparttar 108488 reasons that your product didn't sell very well lately.

It might have nothing to do with your marketing efforts, and you could have spent a lot of your hard earned advertising dollars... all for nothing!

However, there is a way to protect your "Thank-You" pages, from being stolen or copied.

If you are concerned about your products, you better get repparttar 108489 FREE "Selling Through ClickBank" Ebook, written by Kenneth Yang.

Kenneth's book teaches ClickBank and PayPal users how to protect their download pages from being accessed by freebie-scammers, using a simple PHP redirect script that they can type up in Notepad and upload in less than one minute.

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