"E-Book Publishing Checklist"

Written by Milana Leshinsky

E-books arerepparttar latest craze onrepparttar 108479 Internet. Why? Because they are easy to produce, free to deliver, and can create an unlimited income if marketed correctly and consistently.

You can write an e-book about anything! As long as people are willing to pay for that information, it will sell. It is also a great way to self-publish fiction without spending a fortune on print publishing.

How do you get started? Follow this handy checklist:

Choosing a Topic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Create an inventory of your skills - Narrow down that list torepparttar 108480 topics you are passionate about - Chooserepparttar 108481 topic that most likely to have a wide and growing audience

Define your Target Market ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Find your competitors using search engines - List some problems and challenges your target customers might face - Think of 4-5 possible titles for your e-book - Get other people's opinions on each title - Post your titles on relevant forums to see which one people like best (try )

The Ultimate Goal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Decide what you want to accomplish writing this e-book:

- Use it as an introductory product to a high-end product or service (has to be of high quality and reasonable price, and you must haverepparttar 108482 back-end ready)

- Make it your primary product for your business (should be a decent size e-book, with many extras, possibly a consultation included, can be mid-to-high price)

- Generate quick profits by selling reprint rights to this e-book (topic must be able to support a large audience and be unique from your competition)

- Use it as a lead generation tool (has to be free, enticing, and still have useful information)

Content Brainstorm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- Decide onrepparttar 108483 final topic and title for your e-book - Write down everything you know aboutrepparttar 108484 subject - Organize your list into sections, putting related points together - Build your table of contents, with chapters and sections within chapters

Write Your E-Book ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Promote your Coaching or Speaking Business Through eBooks

Written by Judy Cullins

In these uncertain times when we all would like to feel safe, and when we don't really want to travel so much for our business, we need to look torepparttar Online Marketing Machine of ePublishing.

Your audience today is Internet savvy. They loverepparttar 108478 Web, surf it regularly and are looking for specific information that. You have that expertise already and can easily put it into an eBook.

Business audiences want concise, easy-to-read short books on subjects from personal growth to how-to books. They are willing to print short eBooks, often onlyrepparttar 108479 chapters they plan to read immediately. Fact: Everyone can open and print your eBook through regular email or attachment, without needing expensive eBook readers.

Hardly any business person wants to read a long book any more. If you are like me, you probably don't want to either.

Ebooks arerepparttar 108480 wave ofrepparttar 108481 future, and anyone, even those who think they can't write, can create a quality eBook in less than a month. With a little help from a book coach, you can learnrepparttar 108482 three or four best ways to use your eBook with other Online Promotion-and watch your client base grow.

If you are a speaker, you already have several talks you can give. One of those talks can be your first short eBook. Print books and traditional publishing don't supportrepparttar 108483 author. They take way too long, and only giverepparttar 108484 author a pittance for a lot of hard work.

Ebooks are easy work. In fact, withrepparttar 108485 articles you have in your files, plusrepparttar 108486 talks you already have written, you haverepparttar 108487 beginnings of your first eBook. Instead of 200 pages, think 10-30 pages. Instead of 15 chapters, think of 3-5 sections. Instead of long stories, think of tips.

Why eBooks and Web Sites Go Together

Today, professionals need a Web site to market their services. On that Web site they can offer your eBook as a free bonus. On that Web site they need a home page with marketing pizzazz that uses benefit-driven headlines to driverepparttar 108488 visitor to their coaching pages as well as to their product pages. On these pages they will also have a "sales letter" crafted that entices readers to buy. Web sites, eBooks, and services are a key to great promotion.

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