Written by Arun Tibrewal

This may not berepparttar year we discover life in new galaxies - yet, software technology will touch our lives in many unforeseen ways. Introduction Convergence, and more of it, will berepparttar 133363 key word driving communication. After a filthy research, Swastik InfoTech Pvt. Ltd has come up with a very fast and effective software solution, namely e-Biller, forrepparttar 133364 belongings of service industry such as telecommunication, VOIP, ISP, NSP, Carrier Services, Internet Services, Fixed Operator, Call Centre, BPO Organizations, IVS or IVR, IT Consultant or Integrator amongstrepparttar 133365 Communication Technology, Hospital, Hotel, Motel, Medical Service, Re-Seller (CLEC), Medical Practitioner etc. Those organizations, which haverepparttar 133366 requirement of on-line billing, on-line invoice or on-line reports, are generated; e-Biller will becomerepparttar 133367 reason for their smile. The Software is very user friendly, accurate, reliable and cost effective.

Using the computer to eat? Taking technology one step further!!

Written by 247HQ

A long hard day at work. You get home and need dinner. Nothing inrepparttar fridge, nothing inrepparttar 133362 cupboard. Take-out again, but you just can’t decide what to have as you are tired of ordering fromrepparttar 133363 same old places.


Once you arrive at home… or better yet atrepparttar 133364 office before you leave… now you have www.menuserve.com –repparttar 133365 ultimate resource in finding takeout and delivery in your local area.

Whats at menuserve? How about complete restaurant menus to allrepparttar 133366 local restaurants in your area. Better yet sorted by town and cuisine to help narrow your selection.

It truly is that easy. With just a few clicks ofrepparttar 133367 mouse, a delicious and different meal can be coming to your doorstep.

Happy Ordering!

Restaurant Take out & Delivery Menus


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