Dynamic Interviewing Practices

Written by Charlon Bobo

Dynamic Interviewing Practices

by Charlon Bobo, Red Frog, Inc. © 2005

The pre-hiring process can be a challenge. If you’re reading this article, you are finished withrepparttar pre-hiring process and are looking for tips that will guide you throughrepparttar 136518 interview.

Much time and energy can be invested and inrepparttar 136519 end, wasted, if your approach is not focused, deliberate, and specific. The following approaches have resulted in engaging, content-rich interviews providing us with a clear approach appropriate for each candidate.

The Interview 1. Arrange interviews with a least three applicants. Three gives you a well-rounded base from which you can chooserepparttar 136520 best one. Sometimes three isn’t enough, and you may need to place another ad or extendrepparttar 136521 application deadline, but it’s a good place to start.

2. Set appointment times close enough so that afterwards you remember details of each and can compare qualities ofrepparttar 136522 applicants, but far enough apart so that applicants don’t “pass each other inrepparttar 136523 hall” thereby creating an awkward situation.

3. In advance prepare a form withrepparttar 136524 following (or similar) questions that will be completed by you duringrepparttar 136525 interview: a. Where were you last employed? b. What type of business was it? c. Why did you leave? d. What are your strengths? e. What are your areas of improvement? f. What frustrates you most on-the-job? g. Give an anger scenario. How would you handlerepparttar 136526 situation? h. How would you resolve office personality conflicts? Give an example of a situation that has happened and how it was resolved. i. Give an example of having made a mistake and how you resolved it. j. Describe your ideal day on-the-job. k. What three words best describe you? l. What is your greatest professional asset? m. What is your greatest area of professional improvement? n. How do you spend your leisure hours? What are your hobbies/interests? o. Where do you expect to find yourself professionally in 5 years? p. What are your personal 10-20 year aspirations?

4. Asking odd questions is an excellent way to elicit a response that will indicate howrepparttar 136527 prospective employee may react on-the-job. It is a method that will show how well they can “think on their feet.” If this quality is important to you, ask unexpected/unusual questions!


1. After thanking each applicant for their time and excusing them, spend 5-10 minutes making personal notes aboutrepparttar 136528 applicant. This will trigger your memory later.

Involving People Gave Us the Improvements We Needed

Written by Chuck Yorke

We had a problem with handling materials in a production department. Our process required raw materials to enterrepparttar department, be processed, and leaverepparttar 136436 department. The raw material was placed on pods, delivered for production, removed fromrepparttar 136437 pods, placed on a staging fixture, removed fromrepparttar 136438 fixture and process materials were then placed on another pod and delivered to an internal customer. Internal customer had to place on still another pod.

Someone suggested placingrepparttar 136439 material fromrepparttar 136440 fixture ontorepparttar 136441 customer’s internal pod to reduce handling, errors, etc. Room was tight (because two different style pods were used, one for raw material and one for processing) and someone long ago suggested moving a wall to create more space for easier movement ofrepparttar 136442 pods.

After we realized that involving people would give usrepparttar 136443 improvements we wanted, someone suggested modifyingrepparttar 136444 pods into a cart that could hold more material and reduce our need for more space. Others became involved; Martin developed possible designs forrepparttar 136445 cart while speaking with his coworkers to find out their ideas.

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