Dvdís: The perfect Christmas gift

Written by Ramesh kandy

Dvd's : The perfect christmas gift

Every year we struggle with what to buy for whom for christmas.

Hours and hours of trudging aroundrepparttar crowded high streets and malls.

Do we really have to?

In todays world ofrepparttar 110029 internet you can buy everything you want right inrepparttar 110030 comfort of your own home.

You can but most items at a fraction ofrepparttar 110031 cost off ofrepparttar 110032 web and get them delivered straight to your door.

Fact! dvds are nowrepparttar 110033 most popular form of media entertainment, outselling video tapes by 40 to 1 in most places.

Get your Garage Band our of the Garage in into a Gig: Part I: Press Kit and Demo

Written by Dennis Damp Jr

So you have your garage band and want to knowrepparttar next step to start performing for an audience. Maybe you arerepparttar 110028 parent or friend of a band member and feelrepparttar 110029 band is ready to play some shows. You may just be sick of allrepparttar 110030 noise coming fromrepparttar 110031 basement where your son or daughters band practices. Well, its not easy to get out ofrepparttar 110032 starting blocks, but with a little hard work, your band can get moving. When your band finally has some songs together and are playing well, now it's time to takerepparttar 110033 next step. Getrepparttar 110034 band out ofrepparttar 110035 garage and in to a gig. Of course your band wonít make much money at first, but with a well rehearsed act and some leg work your project can get offrepparttar 110036 ground running. Inrepparttar 110037 following article I will explain a few tips your band or band manager may need to get your band some gigs or shows.

The bandís first step is to put together a quality press kit. A press kit for a start up band is usually comprised of a cover page, artist bio or introduction ofrepparttar 110038 band, band pictures, song list, equipment list, contact and booking information, and a demo tape or CD. Once your band becomes more established start introducing newspaper clippings, band reviews, and business cards torepparttar 110039 package. Computers make this a fairly simple task these days. Any word processor should getrepparttar 110040 job done for a start up band press package. Most or all of your press packet design can be done in house and save a lot of money. If you plan on sending quite a few press packages to clubs or venues visit your local copy store and have some color copies made. Make sure your envelope stands out so that a band booker will want to open your press package. Try using a colored envelope or stickers of some sort onrepparttar 110041 envelope so that a band booker will notice your press kit.

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