Dutch Oven Cooking Basics

Written by Robin Shortt

Pioneer Cooking

When you think of a cast iron Dutch oven, what comes to your mind? Pioneer cooking? Stews overrepparttar open fire?

Of coarse both are true, but they are still very much in use today and as forrepparttar 113120 Dutch oven,repparttar 113121 possibilities are endless.

Dutch ovens can be used for frying, baking, boiling, and steaming as well.

Purchasing Your Dutch Oven

When purchasing your Dutch oven, make surerepparttar 113122 lid has a raised ridge.
This is to hold your heat source, which will be briquettes.

This will help you to reachrepparttar 113123 proper temperature needed for whatever cooking you are wanting to do , withrepparttar 113124 exception of boiling or frying.

In which case you would want allrepparttar 113125 heat onrepparttar 113126 bottom.

Heating Fundimentals

If you are planning on baking, you need more heat onrepparttar 113127 top than onrepparttar 113128 bottom.

Put one briquette onrepparttar 113129 bottom for every 3 onrepparttar 113130 top ofrepparttar 113131 lid.

For preparing stews, use one onrepparttar 113132 top for every 4 onrepparttar 113133 bottom. When roasting, put briquettes onrepparttar 113134 top and bottom evenly.

Best Temperature

To understandrepparttar 113135 temperature and number of briquettes needed takes a little math.

Each briquette adds about 25 degrees of heat.

A good starting temperature is 350 degrees F.

To figure out how many briquettes to use, takerepparttar 113136 size ofrepparttar 113137 oven in inches, and subract three to getrepparttar 113138 number of briquettes for under it, and add three to getrepparttar 113139 number of briquettes forrepparttar 113140 top.

Preparing To Cure Your Dutch Oven

A Weight Loss Secret

Written by Gary Gresham

Some people have discovered a simple weight loss secret that can help keep you losing pounds even if you have a sweet tooth. Most diet plans allow sugar free desserts, and they can be a delicious way to keep you on track.

If you are a dieter who craves something sweet, these tasty treats might be your secret weapon to satisfy that sweet tooth and still stay on your weight loss program.

But if you think sugar free desserts are bland, boring or only for diabetics get ready to change your mind.

Sugar free desserts have come a long way in taste inrepparttar last few years. They are so good now you have to look atrepparttar 113119 packaging to believe you are actually eating a sugar free dessert. There's a multitude of different varieties, and many of them really do taste better thanrepparttar 113120 sugar varieties.

Many followers ofrepparttar 113121 Atkins Diet have discoveredrepparttar 113122 secret of these incredible low-carb and sugar free taste treats. This allows them to stay on their diet plan without missing out on a delicious dessert.

In fact, for many dieters, having a dessert isrepparttar 113123 one thing that keeps them feeling more satisfied. If you feel satisfied you will stay on a diet plan longer and be more successful with weight loss.

But it's important to note that just because a dessert is sugar free doesn't mean it's calorie free. Even though these sugar free desserts are usually lower in calories, they still could sabotage a low calorie diet. Although many weight loss program allow them, check your diet plan to see what it says about these no sugar desserts before you eat them.

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