Dusty Desert Destroys Desktops

Written by Nat Davis

"What’s a little dust?” It may simply look bad onrepparttar surface but it could be destroying your computer fromrepparttar 150073 inside out! The tiny “fan” found in many home and office computers, along withrepparttar 150074 layers of dust found inrepparttar 150075 desert communities of Arizona arerepparttar 150076 cause of many ofrepparttar 150077 repairs we find ourselves asked to do. Keeping your computer clean will preventrepparttar 150078 layer of dust from literally “blanketing” your computer in a dirty layer of insulation – insulation that

Save Your Software

Written by Steve Collins

When you buy software, you are buying a single user license for that software. There are a number of reasons you would need to re-install your software, for example, if you purchased a new computer – asrepparttar single user, you would haverepparttar 150072 right to installrepparttar 150073 software onrepparttar 150074 new machine. When a customer calls in with a hardware problem, we ask thatrepparttar 150075 software and product code keys are available when we work onrepparttar 150076 machine. This way, after taking care ofrepparttar 150077 problem, we can easily re-installrepparttar 150078 software. Software cannot be backed up or copied. The

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