Duragesic Pain Patch Recall

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Duragesic Pain Patch Recall

Last year on April 5th, 2004 Janssen Pharmaceutical Products announced that it was recalling several of their popular Duragesic pain control patches because of a major flaw that caused leakage ofrepparttar active chemical fetanyl. One edge ofrepparttar 148242 patch leaked fetanyl intorepparttar 148243 bloodstream, which is a chemical 100 times more potent than conventional morphine. Fetanyl is mostly used to combatrepparttar 148244 acute and debilitating pain that comes along with many forms of cancer. This recall affected almost 2.2 million patches and about 20% of those patches were still in active use.

For better immune function

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Question : IS there any supplement available inrepparttar market to help improve immune function and atrepparttar 148241 same time fightrepparttar 148242 damaging effects of free radicals?

Answer : YES, there is a supplement that can help you fightrepparttar 148243 damaging effects of free radicals and improve immune function atrepparttar 148244 same time.

Our immune system is made up of an array of internal defences designed to protect our body fromrepparttar 148245 assault of disease-causing troublemakers. This natural defence carries an on-going battle against a relentless horde of damaging agents including fungi, bacteria and viruses. Forrepparttar 148246 immune system to function vigilantly, a good nutritional supply is necessary to perk uprepparttar 148247 body's level of natural resistance.

Beta-glucan, a long-chained polysaccharide molecule

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