Dump that Overhead Projector!

Written by Robert F. Abbott

What is it about overhead projectors that causes us to become lousy communicators? Why do our speeches or presentations lose much of their steam when we use overheads?

Well, for starters, we often give more attention torepparttar overheads thanrepparttar 143055 audience. It can't be helped. After all, we have to pick uprepparttar 143056 right overhead, separate it fromrepparttar 143057 next one, get it onrepparttar 143058 projector properly, check it out onrepparttar 143059 screen, and so on.

While doing those things, we're taking our eyes offrepparttar 143060 audience. Atrepparttar 143061 same time,repparttar 143062 audience spends a lot of time looking atrepparttar 143063 screen, rather than at us. And, nothing detracts from good communication like loss of eye contact withrepparttar 143064 audience.

We're also taking our mind offrepparttar 143065 audience. Instead, we're focusing our thoughts onrepparttar 143066 technical issues involved in showingrepparttar 143067 overhead, including our explanations ofrepparttar 143068 visuals.

Then there'srepparttar 143069 amount of material. Almost every time I see a speech with overheads, I see way too much content. One ofrepparttar 143070 best lessons I've learned in several years at Toastmasters is that less is more. Don't try to explain everything to your audience, just pick one small sliver of an issue and explain it well - a speech is not a book or a written article!

And, then there'srepparttar 143071 simple fact thatrepparttar 143072 projector gets between you andrepparttar 143073 audience. There's noise andrepparttar 143074 size ofrepparttar 143075 projector, which mean a projector can be a more powerful presence atrepparttar 143076 front ofrepparttar 143077 room than you.

Phone Fraud

Written by Gianfranco Fracassi

Please be aware of this, as I have had these calls fromrepparttar switch board if you receive one hang up IMMEDITELY!!! Phone Fraud Warning fromrepparttar 142829 Police 11 May 2005 we have been advised of a telephone fraud currently in operation, this applies to home and work telephone, landlines and mobile phones. If you receive one of these calls, upon answeringrepparttar 142830 telephone you will hear a recorded message congratulating you on winning and all expenses trips to an exotic location. You will then be asked to press 9 to hear further details. If you press 9 you will be connected to a premium rate line that cost approximately 20 per minute. Even if you disconnect immediately, it will remain connected for a minimum of 5 minutes costing around 100. The final part ofrepparttar 142831 call involves you being asked to key inrepparttar 142832 postcode and house number, which has other serous consequences.

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