Dude Ranch Golfing at the Double JJ in Michigan

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Dude Ranch Golfing atrepparttar Double JJ in Michigan

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"Well," Evan Burt said, squinting inrepparttar 139389 afternoon sun, "I came here seven years ago for a summer job. And I'm still here."

Evan andrepparttar 139390 other ranch hands that epitomizerepparttar 139391 superior customer service evident everywhere atrepparttar 139392 Double JJ Ranch and Thoroughbred Golf Resort in Rothbury, Michigan made me want to stay there, too.

The ranch and golf resort are just north of Grand Haven on Michigan's "left coast". It prides itself on beingrepparttar 139393 only full-service dude ranch inrepparttar 139394 Midwest, according to a press release. The ranch opened in 1937 asrepparttar 139395 Jack and Jill Ranch and expanded its operations inrepparttar 139396 mid-90s. Facilities includerepparttar 139397 Back Forty, with a general store, ice cream parlor, a "Waterin' Hole" swimming complex with a 150' waterslide and a dining hall complete with a mechanical bull; andrepparttar 139398 ranch, offering horseback riding, archery and rifle ranges and canoeing onrepparttar 139399 Big Wildcat Lake. Winter activities are offered atrepparttar 139400 ranch also, from tubing and cross-country skiing to dog-sledding and snowmobiling. Cabins are available for lodging, as well as teepees and Conestoga wagons for families with children aged seven and older.

Unusual accommodations atrepparttar 139401 Double JJ include teepees and Conestoga Wagons for kids only; right - secluded Back 40 cabins. Below - The rustic "Loft" onrepparttar 139402 Thoroughbred Golf Course.

Other accommodations includerepparttar 139403 Thoroughbred Loft and Homestead Condominiums, both borderingrepparttar 139404 golf course. I stayed inrepparttar 139405 Loft, a gorgeous three-story rustic hotel with - gasp! -running water, television, telephone, a minifridge and even Jacuzzis in select suites. Don't expect plush carpeting or mahogany furnishings, but after a day onrepparttar 139406 ranch, you will welcomerepparttar 139407 room for what it was designed for - sleeping.

Mojave Dunes- Golfing The Arizona Indian Reservation

Written by Mel Barosay

Mojave Dunes- Golfing The Arizona Indian Reservation

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Wind Sculptured Resort Golf

Adjacent torepparttar Avi Indian Resort & Casino,repparttar 139369 Mojave Resort Golf Club is a championship resort course with wide, congenial fairways and four sets of tees, allowing golfers their own challenge.

The terrain combines native vegetation and wind-sculptured sand dunes. The natural water features ebb and flow withrepparttar 139370 topography. Many ofrepparttar 139371 fairways are bordered with indigenous desert sand, shrubbery and wild life. The greens are a bit courser and truer than most others inrepparttar 139372 Southern Nevada area. This reporter assumesrepparttar 139373 combination of lower elevation and watering patterns make this phenomena come about, thus providing a suitable level of difficulty for an enjoyable and challenging round of golf. The course itself is eclectically well-designed with bunker sand traps and water hazards on a relatively flat, but undulating plot of real estate. A small new housing tract of modest homes is perking-up (as they were advertised) onrepparttar 139374 lengthy road (Aha Macav Parkway) coming in torepparttar 139375 resort from Highway Route 163. These new dwellings are located on holes #12 and #13.

Duffrepparttar 139376 Dunes at Mojave Resort Golf Club

Betweenrepparttar 139377 silhouette view inrepparttar 139378 background andrepparttar 139379 rolling fairways, a golfer can easily be distorted and baffled byrepparttar 139380 lack of carry and roll in their golf shots. In reality,repparttar 139381 Mojave Golf Course lies at zero feet elevation next torepparttar 139382 Colorado River and is usually watered thoroughly each day to maintain its lush emerald condition. Hence,repparttar 139383 golfer visiting Mojave forrepparttar 139384 first time after playing any ofrepparttar 139385 Las Vegas courses, some 90 miles (two hour drive) torepparttar 139386 north, and 1,000 to 1,500 feet higher in elevation, may be unsure forrepparttar 139387 first few holes whether or not they lost their vigor.

Another thing that strikesrepparttar 139388 devoted golfer as their round of golf begins isrepparttar 139389 pin placement illustration system employed on each cart. The commonly used 1-2-3 checked flag system pictorially maps-outrepparttar 139390 full dimensions ofrepparttar 139391 forthcoming green.

A very evident factor of Mojave Golf Resort isrepparttar 139392 serene setting provided by Mother Nature. Temperatures are a bit more comfortable inrepparttar 139393 winter months (approximately 10 degrees warmer than Las Vegas). Winds can be a prevalent factor too, but on particular days, this locale seems to be able to escape winter's wrath by being peacefully nestled in its own little carved-in piece of land to provide golfers with a pleasant and relaxed experience.

Jetsetters Magazine Golf MallHole #2, appropriately named "the Crater", right away testsrepparttar 139394 golfers patience. It is a short par 4, 299-yard hole fromrepparttar 139395 Championship (yellow) tee boxes, which is best played with a long iron or fairway wood fromrepparttar 139396 tee to clearrepparttar 139397 first bunker some 178 yards straight out. This tactic will leave a petite wedge shot over a sand dune to an elevated green, but atrepparttar 139398 same time this creates a difficult, blind approach due torepparttar 139399 height ofrepparttar 139400 putting surface. The green is very diminutive in depth, but long in width, making it imperative to stoprepparttar 139401 ball on line torepparttar 139402 pin once it reachesrepparttar 139403 putting surface.

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