Druidic University

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


Long before there was a Rome or Eternal City there was a Druidic University near Rennes-le-Chateau. Just as we saw Oxford University was built atrepparttar same locationrepparttar 144161 Pheryllts (Druidic Alchemists likerepparttar 144162 Cabiri discussed by Lewis Spence) had a university you will find many locations sacred torepparttar 144163 Kelts are usurped by Rome/Bruttii. Chartrés is one ofrepparttar 144164 most intriguing of these sites. Rome made it a custom to build onrepparttar 144165 old cultures roads and churches or other sacred sites starting with Constantine and Heliopolis. I highly recommend Fulcanelli’s Les Mysteres des Cathedrales if you can find it and if you are able to intuit code. Here is a little wisdom from a man who mentions Fulcanelli. The language ofrepparttar 144166 region Saunière grew up in is in fact ‘of Occamy’ or Alchemy. It is Langue D’Oc (camy) or Languedoc. In factrepparttar 144167 whole region is sometimes called by this name. When he mentionsrepparttar 144168 Language ofrepparttar 144169 Birds he is addressingrepparttar 144170 Bardic Troubadours ofrepparttar 144171 Hibernian system. It is BRD and my last name.

Vincent Bridges is onrepparttar 144172 right track as he knowsrepparttar 144173 Green Languages andrepparttar 144174 Language ofrepparttar 144175 Birds which was originally BRD in vowel less script and symbols that became language or alphabets. Thomas Carlyle and his Cant is there too. Here is what Mr. Bridges says which ties Jesus intorepparttar 144176 forum of adept Hibernians or Gaedhils.


Written by Robert Bruce Baird

ZOMBIES: - The Caribbean isrepparttar site of another thing which some would call a mystery. Until a few years ago I would have been inclined to put it inrepparttar 144160 paranormal control of soul category and I still believe that is part of it. However, we have scientifically identifiedrepparttar 144161 use of sea urchin extract asrepparttar 144162 agent which allows apparent death and subsequent use of a body by means as yet mysterious to scientists who negaterepparttar 144163 possibility of ESP type brain connection or possessions. Some would say that hypnosis might have something to do with it, butrepparttar 144164 witnesses and researchers think that is notrepparttar 144165 case; which does not mean it isn't involved because there are similarities between possession and hypnosis. They act on different bodies however. The connection betweenrepparttar 144166 mind or brain andrepparttar 144167 physical body is part ofrepparttar 144168 act of soul related

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