Dropping the Carbs - The Pros and Cons of Ketogenic Dieting Part Two

Written by Andrew Langhorn

Dropping The Carbs - Part Two The pros and cons of ketogenic dieting.

OKAY, SO ARE THERE ANY GOOD CARBOHYDRATES?? The good news for carbohydrates is that they can claimrepparttar HEALTHIEST of foodstuffs amongst their number. Here is where a simple view ofrepparttar 143535 Atkins diet and other strict no or low carb diets flounder. Not all carbs are created equal as we know andrepparttar 143536 carb group that is utterly essential to our survival? VEGETABLES! Low carb diets have often been seen as lacking in vegetables as people carefully trim away all excess carbohydrates, effectively throwingrepparttar 143537 baby out withrepparttar 143538 dirty bathwater. Onrepparttar 143539 subject of vegetables you won’t find much dissension amongst medical experts of any standpoint. These wonderful foodstuffs not only contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals, but also are often chock-full of fibre, water and a host of exotic cancer-fighting substances unique to vegetables. The important thing about vegetables is that they are nutrient dense and calorie sparse. In plain English, they contain a lot of good stuff in a very small package. You can eat virtually enough vegetables to fill you up and still have eaten only a tiny percentage ofrepparttar 143540 calories a normal diet would confer. One ofrepparttar 143541 arguments for regular grain consumption isrepparttar 143542 necessary vitamins and minerals they contain, not to mentionrepparttar 143543 essential fibre for our digestive tract. But guess what? Vegetables make grains seem pretty redundant. A small handful of organic vegetables will contain more vitamins and minerals than virtually a day's worth of grains, all in an easier to digest package, with extra water and no danger of insulin overload. Even on a low-carb diet you can stuff yourself silly with vegetables without fear. The primary advantage of a low-carb diet is insulin control and vegetables won’t interfere with that. Remember organic vegetables have a much higher vitamin and mineral content, alsorepparttar 143544 darker green or red a vegetablerepparttar 143545 higherrepparttar 143546 amount of beneficial Chlorophyll insiderepparttar 143547 plant. Try to eat your veggies raw and fresh and often. A regular supply of varied veggies is like nature’s most perfect multivitamin pill. OKAY, SO WE EAT VEGGIES BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER FOODS YOU NEED? So low-carb dieters are sheddingrepparttar 143548 pounds by avoidingrepparttar 143549 insulin spiking grains and sugars. Inrepparttar 143550 process they’re moving over to eating other stuff though right? You stop eating bread and pasta and you’ve got to eat something! We see Atkins dieters especially loading up proteins and fats, burgers, sausages, bacon, full double cream, fried eggs and a host of other tasty but controversial foods. So, fine, we can accept that somehow these people still seem to shed weight much faster and more consistently than their carbohydrate munching friends but surely, surely, that can’t be HEALTHY? Too good to be true? Some Doctors definitely believe so. We’ve been warned about saturated fat and our rising cholesterol problem for a number of years. Suddenly a diet comes along that seems to throw all that conventional wisdom out ofrepparttar 143551 window. As it happens,repparttar 143552 American Medical Association was forced to declarerepparttar 143553 Atkins diet ‘heart-healthy’ after a number of university studies came up withrepparttar 143554 surprising findings that Atkins dieters were actually lowering their blood fat deposits and sparingrepparttar 143555 hearts much more than those on a regular higher carb diet. That being said,repparttar 143556 heart isn’trepparttar 143557 only thing we have to keep healthy, so is there a third option? A kind of best of all worlds diet? A low-carb plan that works for your health as well as your waistline? You bet! First we knowrepparttar 143558 basis of that diet is our good friend,repparttar 143559 organic vegetable. But moving on, it seems our bodies were designed for a much greater range of essential nutrients than those found in vegetables alone. First up Fats. Yes, it may have finally begun to infiltraterepparttar 143560 mainstream press but its old news to many of us. Fat is essential! We need to eat fat. There’s no getting around it, our bodies don’t merely toleraterepparttar 143561 stuff, they absolutely need it to function. When you remember that our brains are over sixty percent fat, our organs require it and our very nerves are built from it, you begin to see how important it is. However much like our friendrepparttar 143562 Carbohydrate, all fats are not created equal either. Our bodies need a small group of fats that we call ‘Essential Fatty Acids’. Our body cannot produce these from any other substances and needs a regular supply or it begins to see shortcomings in its internal workings. We can get by for a while on diminished supplies but our health begins to suffer greatly inrepparttar 143563 long run. These healthy fats come inrepparttar 143564 form ofrepparttar 143565 well-publicised fish and cod-liver oils, flax and various other nut oils and foods like avocado. (Although not essential organic coconut oil has a host of special benefits) Simply be ensuring that a large percentage of our daily fat intake comes from clean, healthy oils will go a long way to improving our health, from defending our brain against degenerative diseases to protecting our skin fromrepparttar 143566 harmful rays ofrepparttar 143567 sun. To be a healthy low carber you need to investigate healthy fats a little more and remember that high quality, preferably organic oils are a better choice than others. There are a host of books on this subject and a host of great products out there. Unfortunately due torepparttar 143568 mass pollution ofrepparttar 143569 seas, fish may no longer berepparttar 143570 healthiest option, although carefully filtrated fish-oils (by Companies who are clued up onrepparttar 143571 science of keeping these oils in a health-giving state) are widely available and a must-buy for everyone.

You Are Fat! Want to Know Who’s Really to Blame?

Written by DocStuey

You Are Fat! Want to Know Who’s Really to Blame? The Government, our Health and Education Systems. Believe it or not, The Diet Industry… even The Nutritional Supplement Industry can be blamed! The system, our North American Lifestyle, The Dollar… Blame our Parents… after all, it’s their genes we carry, and most FAT people are fat because of genetics right? Well, here’s just a thought… There is a degree of truth to all these statements… a degree… and certainly, you could add dozens more. While you think up everyone you can, let’s say overrepparttar next hour, day, week, month, etc… be sure to check that list forrepparttar 143534 one and only that makesrepparttar 143535 real difference… “The Mirror”. YES! When wasrepparttar 143536 last time you looked inrepparttar 143537 mirror? Who did you see? WoW!!! That’s Right! YOU!!!
Unless you are one ofrepparttar 143538 truly unfortunate folks that are Fat due to genetic or other medical reason… It’s Your Fault that You Are FAT, Period! Oh, BTW (By The Way)… Less than 2% of Obese and Overweight individuals fit intorepparttar 143539 above mentioned category. So, as you are likely part ofrepparttar 143540 98+% of folks that have created your own dilemma… You Need Help! You Need Help… so where do you turn? There is so much information available. The Internet, co-workers, friends and family… Everyone knows someone, who knows someone else, that has donerepparttar 143541 Atkins diet (or Adkins diet), or Weight Watchers diet,repparttar 143542 Scarsdale diet,repparttar 143543 Zone diet, or some other popular diet program with great results. So, who do you trust… which diets right for you? I mean there has to be 20-30 fast easy diets to lose 15-20 pounds of fat, maybe as much as 40 pounds of fat, overrepparttar 143544 next few weeks, before your next party or vacation! I read those news flashes allrepparttar 143545 time too! What a load of BS! Diets have been around for decades, and with allrepparttar 143546 success stories, surely there must be good ones. Well news for you… if diets wererepparttar 143547 answer,repparttar 143548 percentage ofrepparttar 143549 population classified as “Obese” or “Overweight” would not be onrepparttar 143550 rise each and every year sincerepparttar 143551 assassination of JFK. Diets don’t have long term success. Diets typically create deficiencies one or several areas. Pounds lost, always include lean tissue an essential fluids as well as some stored body fat, this due largely to a brain produced enzyme “Lipoprotein Lipase”. We’ll discuss this enzyme in more detail in a detailed article later. Many diets do have some points of merit, and if followed torepparttar 143552 letter, can produce impressive short-term benefit and real reduction in overall body fat, which isrepparttar 143553 goal. A big problem with diets is that most people going on a diet, are “ON” or “OFF a diet, never really changingrepparttar 143554 life long habits that made them fat inrepparttar 143555 first place. An even bigger problem, is that over 95% of these people diet, without ever understandingrepparttar 143556 underlying cause/effect ofrepparttar 143557 diets they are doing. OK, now you kind of getrepparttar 143558 message, diets don’t work. Diets are notrepparttar 143559 long-term answer to a slim healthy you! How about weight loss supplements? Well Yes, there are plenty of those being sold by reputable companies “In The Know”. You’ve seenrepparttar 143560 “Before and After” pictures. You’re convinced there are real people getting real results, but… then you’ve heard all those stories of folks dropping dead, and these very supplements being blamed. This must be all very frustrating… almost enough to get you back onrepparttar 143561 couch with a bag of chips or pretzels and a couple of nice cold beers. NOT So Fast! There is an answer, and I’m sure you’re starting to realize… “There is No Majic Pill”, that will give yourepparttar 143562 body of your dreams either. Here isrepparttar 143563 Secret…

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