Drop Your Price to Make the Sale - Without Getting Burned!

Written by Meredith Pond

Competition is tough these days. Consumers and business customers know you have competitors who will charge a lower price. In fact, they don't even have to check.

Customers have learned they can ask you for a lower price and often get it. If you don't offer some kind of concession, a big percentage of your prospects will move on to another business who WILL give them a price cut.

Price cutting is more prevalent in some industries than others. I wouldn't dream of asking my doctor to drop his fee for an office visit, but I wouldn't think twice about askingrepparttar salesperson atrepparttar 127486 car dealership if they could knock a few hundred offrepparttar 127487 sticker price.

How do you drop your price without losing your profit? I mean, lots of sales are good (which you're likely to get if you drop your prices), but lots of sales that don't make a profit will bankrupt your business in a hurry. Here are a few tips:

1. If you recently dropped your price, point out that cut torepparttar 127488 customer, then give her an additional 10 percent reduction. Noterepparttar 127489 total amount she is saving over your old price. Whenrepparttar 127490 economy is tightening and prices are dropping, this strategy can work well for you.

2. Varyrepparttar 127491 amount of price concessions. If you giverepparttar 127492 customer a $20 price cut, don't give her an additional $20 price reductionrepparttar 127493 next time she asks. Your customer will immediately figure she can ask a third time and once again get an additional $20 off. Instead, make your second price reduction $15 or $10. This tends to stave off additional requests.

3. Most times, you already know how much you can drop your price without even being asked. Don't giverepparttar 127494 customer your full price cutrepparttar 127495 first time. Instead, offer them a smaller cut first, then give a little more if they ask for it.


Written by Meredith Pond

Sales letters are one ofrepparttar most popular forms of advertising today, and rightly so. The reason for this is simple: they work. However, evenrepparttar 127485 most powerful sales letter can't do its job if you don't get it torepparttar 127486 right people.

So, how do you make sure your sales message gets across to those who will listen? The answer lies in one simple word: EMAIL. Email isrepparttar 127487 fastest, most direct, and most cost-effective way to spreadrepparttar 127488 word. In fact, it'srepparttar 127489 number one marketing method in use today.

If you have already established an email newsletter, use your existing list to send out a sales letter. Since these people have already signed up to receive your messages, they're likely not to mind much if you send them a sales pitch; just try not to make it too hypey or pushy. Thank them for joining your list, then tell them what you can do, as a service for them.

If you're nervous about turning your prospects off with a sales letter, simply begin each newsletter issue with a brief ad for your services. Provide a link back to your site, perhaps to a page that does contain a strong sales letter.

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