Drop Cards & How to Use Them

Written by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

Drop cards are very similar to business cards. They arerepparttar same size and , made ofrepparttar 124505 same material. The major difference is that while a business card will usually present a good deal of information, a drop card is used for a single purpose... to solicit a response through curiosity.

Because of a drop card's purpose,repparttar 124506 message presented on a drop card is extremely short, and presents one of two methods of immediate contact. These methods of contact are usually a phone number or URL. A sample drop card may containrepparttar 124507 simple message like:

BE A STAY AT HOME PARENT! 1-800-663-0151

Drop cards are used similar to how some would use business cards. Here are some suggested uses:

1. Leave them on restaurant tables when you leave your tip. 2. Leave them onrepparttar 124508 toilet tissue holders in public

Deliver Workshops and Promote Your Business

Written by June Campbell

Pssst! Want to make money while promoting your business? Deliver workshops or training events in your area of expertise, and you'll accomplish both. You'll also establish yourself as an expert in your field.

If you are afraid of public speaking, there's a work around. Engagerepparttar services of an experienced presenter or facilitator, and you act asrepparttar 124504 assistant. With practice, you'll overcome your anxiety and eventually you'll be comfortable going it alone.

Here's how you get started:

1. Decide what you want to teach, and to whom. i.e. if you have a bookkeeping business, you might decide to offer instruction in basic bookkeeping to new entrepreneurs. Whenrepparttar 124505 entrepreneurs decide it's time to contract out their bookkeeping, whose name will come to mind?

2. Decide whether your workshop is to be conference style or skill development style. In conference- style events,repparttar 124506 trainer stands atrepparttar 124507 front ofrepparttar 124508 room and speaks, using audio-visual or other props where appropriate. Participants learn what they can fromrepparttar 124509 performance and fromrepparttar 124510 distributed handouts. In skill development workshops, participants haverepparttar 124511 opportunity to practice and develop specific skills throughoutrepparttar 124512 course ofrepparttar 124513 event. If selectingrepparttar 124514 latter method, you will want to limitrepparttar 124515 number of participants since each will need personal attention duringrepparttar 124516 hands-on learning activities.

3. Next, create a preliminary outline of your workshop andrepparttar 124517 activities you will be incorporating. Decide: key points, skills that your participants will acquire, andrepparttar 124518 instructional method you will use to impart these skills.

4. Now, decide uponrepparttar 124519 ideal length of workshop, including breaks. Determine your workshop schedule. Will it be delivered overrepparttar 124520 course of a weekend? One evening a week for six weeks? Other?

5. Determinerepparttar 124521 type of venue that you will need. Consider seating space, building regulations, parking, restroom facilities, and plugins and power supply adequate for operating your equipment.

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