Driving Lessons

Written by William Shand

Driving lessons can be expensive, so choosing an instructor who's registered withrepparttar Driving Standards Agency can save you time, and money .

Every approved driving instructor has passed a three part examination and are subject to periodical checks of their driving abilities.

The Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) was established in October 1964 and has been maintained byrepparttar 150045 Driving Standards Agency since April 1990.

Traditional Driving Lessons

The traditional method of obtaining a driving license is to pay your Instructor an hourly tuition fee. With weekly driving lessons you learn to drive at a leisurely pace. The theory and practical tests are taken when you and your instructor agree that you are competent enough to pass each.

The Art deco car of the year is …!

Written by Aris Vrakas

.. BMW has gone all Art Deco with series 6! Look atrepparttar “new” BMW series 5,6 and 7 I seerepparttar 150044 same elements that maderepparttar 150045 Chrysler building a landmark of Art Deco. The bold lines,repparttar 150046 macho look,repparttar 150047 curves,repparttar 150048 arcs: it's all there!

Art deco is back, and BMW has definitely captured it at its best! The car featuresrepparttar 150049 unmistakable elegance and dramatic forms of art nouveau. I don't think it is appropriate to say thatrepparttar 150050 car would necessarily fit in a saloon in Paris around 1909, but it's safe to say, givenrepparttar 150051 gap of time since then, andrepparttar 150052 practicalities of designing an art deco mobile, that BMW has brought Paris of 1909 intorepparttar 150053 21 st century car!

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