Dreams come true with the help of global consciousness on the Internet

Written by m6.net


Dreams. There are two types of dreams: 1. When you are sleeping there are stories unfolding in your mind from a parallel dimension. 2. The aims one has in life. The latter isrepparttar type of dream I wish to discuss. We all have these dreams, donít we? We picture ourselves inrepparttar 118778 future having realized our talents, having achieved inrepparttar 118779 areas that interest us most. Your dream may have been a relatively simple one, like reaching enlightenment, or helping to create world peace! Maybe your dream was just to set foot on as many beaches acrossrepparttar 118780 planet as possible, a little selfish-but hey, youíre still sharing a smile everywhere you go. In thisrepparttar 118781 Information Age, our dreams have become more realistic and practical to attain. Withrepparttar 118782 Internet and web sites in particular, a global consciousness is forming to help all people towards their goals.

Lets say youíre a young lady who lives in a small town in who-knows-where-land. Your dream is to one day live in a forest as a ranger, taking care ofrepparttar 118783 trees and animals, living at one with nature. The Internet seems far removed from this reality but in truth it can be a main section ofrepparttar 118784 road to your destination. By looking at web sites you can find out what other people with similar interests think aboutrepparttar 118785 subject. You can find out where youíll need to go to study, what interest groups to join, and get opposing opinions onrepparttar 118786 pros and cons of a rangerís life. You can communicate with experts fromrepparttar 118787 other side ofrepparttar 118788 world just as if they were next door. Seven days a week, night or day, you can access information and ideas from a wide community, a community you now belong to. All it took to start towards realizingrepparttar 118789 dream was simply by adding your identity torepparttar 118790 new world culture created by millions of other normal minds. These are people who want to further humanity throughrepparttar 118791 process of communication.

How to brainstorm your way out of the rut

Written by Jae Taylor

Many internet marketers take off on a race to hitrepparttar ground running and move too quickly from an initial idea to trying successfully to implement it. They never even stop to noticerepparttar 118777 trees, let alone take a step back and seerepparttar 118778 forest. As a result, many of them fail.

What if you would like to seerepparttar 118779 forest,repparttar 118780 trees, and everything in between?

Then you need to brainstorm!

Your web project is simply an idea. Common sense dictates thatrepparttar 118781 more clear your vision and understanding of that idea and its objectives,repparttar 118782 greater your probability of achieving it. After all, if you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there?

A good brainstorming session can help you define your ideas. For fifteen or twenty minutes, let your thoughts revolve, and jot down whatever questions come to mind - even useless ones. Then, looking over your list, you may find one that appears promising. Remember not to edit your ideas duringrepparttar 118783 brainstorming session. Save your evaluation for later.

After you've brainstormed to get a topic, you now must refine your idea. If your topic involves a lot of research, make sure you're interested inrepparttar 118784 subject before investing too much energy.

Okay, you're doing well if you've made it this far. You're ready to narrow your topic. First, pull out a piece of paper and write down your idea. For example, let's say you want to do a site about "alternative health" which is very broad, but it is a HUGE industry that attracts billions of dollars a year and is full of "hungry" rabid fans looking for information. So yes, a good market to get into.

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