Dreams and Desires, Wants and Wishes Journals

Written by Doreene Clement

Dreams and Desires, Wants and Wishes Journals By Doreene Clement

www.the5yearjournal.com info@the5yearjournal.com Have you ever dreamed of a new house? Have you ever wished forrepparttar perfect mate? What about wanting that job that you've always dreamed of? Have you wished for a perfect day?

We all have dreams and desires, our own personal wishes and wants. What if…what if you could just have what you wanted and wished for? What would that house look like, feel like? How would you decorate it? Is it a condo, or on acres of land? Are there animals? Who are your neighbors? Do you have parties? What color is your house painted? How is it furnished? Who lives there with you?

Your perfect mate, is how tall, what color hair, what religion? How did you meet? Are you married? Do you have children?

What is your dream job? What state are you living in? What are your hours? What do you do? Whom do you work with?

What does your perfect day look like? What do you do, where do you go? Whom are you with?

Think about what your wishes and dreams are. Think about what your wants and desires are. Then, write them down. Journal, diary or keep diaries. Let yourself go. There are no limits, anything is possible. Enjoy. Everything and everyone you have ever wanted is yours. Then write as many questions as you can think of, about your dreams, your desires, wants and wishes. Make as many statements as you can think about. Live without any limits about what you want. Blue Sky.

Build Your Ark, Save Your World

Written by A.Z. Alfred

He heard a voice. The voice wants him to do something, something no one had ever done before. “Build an ark,repparttar earth will be flooded and destroyed.” The voice told him. He jolted out of sleep, if he was really sleeping. Whichever way, thinking or sleeping, he got up and wanted someone to share it with.

He set out, told his bosom friends he would be building an ark that would saverepparttar 145619 world. He wanted them to assist him, but they mocked him because no one had ever thought of building an ark. They told himrepparttar 145620 world can never be flooded and went about their business.

He had a heavy heart. He was frustrated and sat down for a while, thinking he must have gotrepparttar 145621 wrong kind of dream. Butrepparttar 145622 more he tried to get it out of his mind,repparttar 145623 morerepparttar 145624 vision became real and he was left with no choice, but build it all by himself.

He wasted no more time, drew out his plan and immediately set to work. He kept on building even when friends came around and laughed at his stupid prophecies of a flooded earth. Sometimes he would work till late inrepparttar 145625 night only to wake up inrepparttar 145626 morning to discover some part ofrepparttar 145627 ark had been destroyed.

Despiterepparttar 145628 fact that he had to rebuild some part ofrepparttar 145629 ark, he wasn’t mad at his family, wasn’t angry with his friends who made a fool of him. He didn’t complaining nor harassesrepparttar 145630 man upstairs. There weren’t skyscrapers in his time, so I’m talking about God.

At long last, after so many years, he completed his assignment and instead of resting, he took his family andrepparttar 145631 animals he might find useful intorepparttar 145632 ark. He abandoned his house and chose to live inrepparttar 145633 ark he spent some of his lifetime building.

When he least expected it, whenrepparttar 145634 people least thought of it,repparttar 145635 rain came. He simply closedrepparttar 145636 door of his new house, smiling not as a fool but an achiever and a prophet. It rained heavily for days and his ark floated onrepparttar 145637 waters as those who laughed at him drowned inrepparttar 145638 flood. He saved his world.

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