Dreams and Creating

Written by White Feather

How can we remember and learn from our dreams?

The same way we remember and learn inrepparttar waking state. We must be conscioussly aware in both states. Even in our waking state we are not fully conscious most ofrepparttar 122119 time, and we don't always remember everything. Our brains scan allrepparttar 122120 information we receive duringrepparttar 122121 day and filters out what is important for us to remember andrepparttar 122122 rest seems forgotten, lost in our subconscious. It isrepparttar 122123 same with dreams. We remember onlyrepparttar 122124 informaition that we have programmed ourselves to remember. We do this programming through our beliefs inrepparttar 122125 validity of dreams. What we expect from our dreams helps determine what we remember.

Our conscious recollection of our dreams is often proportional to our conscious recollection inrepparttar 122126 waking state. Being more consciously aware in our waking state helps us to be more consciously aware in our dream state, and being more consciously aware in our dream state, helps us to be more consciously aware in our awake state.

Joy is found through outrepparttar 122127 universe. To follow your joy is to becomerepparttar 122128 universe.The key to any universe

I Finally understand

Written by Theresa Chaze

I Finally Understand by Theresa Chaze

I truly did not understand whatrepparttar fuss was all about. Why so many people are so desperate to keeprepparttar 122118 shell of Terri Schiavo alive? Why some are so determined that every fetus be born. I didnít understand until I heard on a radio talk show a man explaining torepparttar 122119 audience thatrepparttar 122120 brain wasrepparttar 122121 person. He believes thatrepparttar 122122 sum of an individual resides inrepparttar 122123 brain, that allrepparttar 122124 wisdom, creativity, and emotions of a person are held withinrepparttar 122125 synoptic working ofrepparttar 122126 gray matter. The brain as all parts ofrepparttar 122127 body are nor more whatrepparttar 122128 individual is thanrepparttar 122129 clothes she or he puts on every day. The body is torepparttar 122130 soul whatrepparttar 122131 clothes are torepparttar 122132 body. It is howrepparttar 122133 soul manifests onrepparttar 122134 earthly plane so that it may mature and develop. It is this misunderstanding of what life and death are that keeps so many living in fear. They do not realize that death is notrepparttar 122135 end, but another beginning. Whenrepparttar 122136 body can no longer function for what ever reason,repparttar 122137 soul discards it in order to move on torepparttar 122138 next lesson or better said torepparttar 122139 next life. By clinging or being forced to hold onto old,repparttar 122140 soul can not move on. In Terri Schiavoís case, her soul is trapped in between. She can not go forward. She can not go back. Tethered to a disintegrating body by her brain stem, she is forced watch her familyís pain. She can not heal them or herself and because ofrepparttar 122141 medical interference can she find a way to free herself. Instead she held in limbo. The damage to her brain can not be repaired. No therapy can reactivaterepparttar 122142 shorted out neurons. The fact that her body can not dorepparttar 122143 simplest things that an infant can do only proves thatrepparttar 122144 damage is irreversible. A newborn can swallow and eat if fed; Terri cannot, which whyrepparttar 122145 feeding tube is so important to her bodyís survival. You will notice I said body not Terri. She has crossed over; her body is merely existing because those who claim to love her refuse to let go. They care more about keepingrepparttar 122146 shell alive than doing what is best for her. Her family wonít be free to heal until they acceptrepparttar 122147 simply fact that it was time for her to move on. As long as they continue to fight what was destined to be neither Terri nor her family will not find peace. Which brings us back torepparttar 122148 questions--what is a person? What is life? Is life a beating heart? Is itrepparttar 122149 electrical activity inrepparttar 122150 brain? When is death? Whenrepparttar 122151 heart stops beating or whenrepparttar 122152 brain can no longer conduct electrical impulses? So many are attached torepparttar 122153 body, thinking that is all they are. They cling torepparttar 122154 flesh unwilling to see that they are so much more thanrepparttar 122155 physical. They believe that afterrepparttar 122156 heart stops beating or there is no longer brain activity, they will disappear into nothingness. While others realize that they existed before they were born intorepparttar 122157 current body and will exist after they leave it. They seerepparttar 122158 body as no more than their current favorite outfit, which they will discard after it becomes worn. They see themselves not as their body, but as an immortal soul, currently living in a human form.

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