Dreams about Water

Written by Stephanie Davies

Having water in your dreams is a very common occurrence. Whether you are dreaming of an ocean, a pond, or even a glass of water, it seems everyone dreams of water at some point in their lives. And in your dreams, water alludes torepparttar most basic parts of ourselves - emotion. Water most always represents our waking emotion. Think aboutrepparttar 122381 dreams of water you have had...wasrepparttar 122382 water crashing ocean waves? Then chances are your waking emotions were pretty rocky and heavy as well. Wasrepparttar 122383 water dark, murky, and stagnant? Then you may well have been depressed or worried before you went to sleep.

The condition of, and placement ofrepparttar 122384 water in your dream isrepparttar 122385 reflection of your waking mood. Cloudy swirling water may mean confusion, and clear crisp clean water may mean that you were very happy about something.

The only cases where water will not reflect uponrepparttar 122386 dreamers mood is whenrepparttar 122387 water is part of a larger dream symbol, such as a hurricane, or a whirlpool. Dreaming of a hurricane may indicate a level or chaos in your life, or even onrepparttar 122388 more obvious level - that you are frightened of situations you cannot control. Dreaming of a whirlpool means that you are afraid that you will be overcome by a person or situation in your life.

Remote Viewing ... What is it anyway?

Written by Edward B. Toupin

Ever since I began posting information about remote viewing on my site, more and more people have been asking about what it is and how it works. At first, I thought this would be a simple topic to write; however, I began to realize that there is a lot of information presented that might not be easy to grasp. In this article, I am going to provide a simple overview of remote viewing and, generally, how it works. This way, readers will have a cursory knowledge of this interesting technology as a basis for further reading and research.

--- What is remote viewing? ---

People tend to confuse remote viewing with psychic abilities. Indeed, they do seem similar in their results, but remote viewing is more of a technique or technology than it is a mystic science. In reality, there is nothing mystical or mysterious about remote viewing at all.

Remote viewing is purported to have begun duringrepparttar Cold War whenrepparttar 122380 CIA and military decided to use this technology for remote spying. However, through research, it has been found that forms of remote viewing have been used for centuries by various civilizations.

Remote viewing allows us to look at other places and times without ever leaving our seat. It allows us to examine information and situations that we would otherwise never gain access to in our lives. Everyone can do it as, at one time, we were all able to use it. However, over time, this ability was pushed aside through religion, society, and by blocking our own creative subconscious. By opening that doorway again, you can use remote viewing for a multitude of applications includingrepparttar 122381 enhancement of your own life.

--- The Universal Library ---

Considerrepparttar 122382 human brain. Indeed, as small as it is there is no conceivable way that we can store all ofrepparttar 122383 information that we know in there and expect it to function efficiently. Additionally, since we all haverepparttar 122384 same brain, where do spurts of genius and inspiration come from? Finally, withrepparttar 122385 stories of people who have had half of their brains removed due to illness or trauma, how can they still function as normal human beings?

The theory is thatrepparttar 122386 brain is not only a control center forrepparttar 122387 human body, but it is also a massive receptor and connection torepparttar 122388 Universal Library, also known as "The Matrix." Every piece of information every known, and that will be known, exists in this library and is available to us at any time that we want to reach out and grasp it.

Everything and everyone has a place, or a coordinate, within this matrix. Essentially, anything that uniquely identifies a piece of information inrepparttar 122389 Universe can be used to locate and access that information and its relationships --- including our individual selves.

--- Where did that come from? ---

As we grow, we eventually fall torepparttar 122390 beliefs that society and religion places on us. Our subconscious becomes that place where "evil lurks" and where we toss our old garbage that didn't work for our conscious mind. Basically, our ability to feel and see outside of ourselves diminishes and falls prey torepparttar 122391 "collective conscious." This is where we all exist in our grounded, every day world. However, there is also a "collective subconscious" in which we participate and yet, we don't even know exists. Have you ever wondered where an idea came from? Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkings, and many ofrepparttar 122392 intellects of our day and age in science, business, and entertainment all get these "flashes of genius." It is not so much that anyone is "born a genius." It isrepparttar 122393 fact that they are born withrepparttar 122394 ability, and belief, to access information that is available to us all. Consider idiot savants and autistic children. How can they do what they do? Where are they if they are not here?

All of our true intellect comes from our subconscious. Consider a situation where we have no creative subconscious. In such a case, everything we have ever done is everything we will ever do. We would become "stuck" because we would have no way to change directions by applying new ways of thinking to old ways of doing. It isrepparttar 122395 creative subconscious that allows us to devise new and better ways of doing things and our conscious mind takes that new information and enhances our reality accordingly.

--- Analytic Overlay ---

One ofrepparttar 122396 more interesting abilities required of a remote viewer isrepparttar 122397 use of all senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Another trait that is required ofrepparttar 122398 remote viewer isrepparttar 122399 ability to accept information for what it is and focusrepparttar 122400 subconscious so thatrepparttar 122401 conscious mind doesn't interfere with incoming data. In both cases, this is a difficult task as we are raised to allow our conscious mind to filter out unnecessary information acquired by our senses and only userepparttar 122402 information that applies to our current situation and our existing beliefs and knowledge. This is known as "analytic overlay." An analytic overlay isrepparttar 122403 closest logical thing your brain knows based onrepparttar 122404 attributes ofrepparttar 122405 new idea or information.

For example, analytic overlay occurs when we've acquired a considerable amount of information during a remote viewing session and our conscious mind applies this information to something we already know. For instance, four or five pieces of information might be characteristics of a particular item that your logical mind can identify. In this way, your brain turnsrepparttar 122406 target into something that is familiar, thus misguiding your session.

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