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============================================================ Dream Biz Making Your eBiz Dreams a Reality!

**07/14/03** Volume 1, Issue 1

Anacleto Marchi, Publisher marco01@myexcel.com ============================================================

Welcome to Dream Biz,

Have you ever thought about whether your marketing, advertising and other contacts withrepparttar 117282 public tellrepparttar 117283 true story of who you are?

Whether we realize it or not, each time we have contact with a client we define ourselves in that client's mind. Today we take a closer look at how to make every contact withrepparttar 117284 public more profitable by establishing ourselves asrepparttar 117285 best possible person to meet their needs.

Hope you enjoy today's issue,

Anacleto Marchi

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------------------------------------------------------------ You Arerepparttar 117287 Brand by Anacleto Marchi ------------------------------------------------------------

How many times have we heard "Xerox this", whenrepparttar 117288 copier involved may not be a Xerox brand at all? What brand do you think of when you hearrepparttar 117289 words "Just do it"?

Branding is a powerful tool in our business lives. While Nike and Xerox are prime examples of this idea, all businesses can benefit from branding.

The key factor in branding is this. Onrepparttar 117290 most basic level,repparttar 117291 level where clients live and work, your company is represented by a person. In your business that person may be you.

Here is a seven step formula that will give you a great start toward establishing yourself asrepparttar 117292 brand of choice.

1. Know where you stand now. What name pops into your customer's mind when they need what you do? If it's not your name, why not? Do you have a name or slogan that is easy to remember and clearly describes what you offer?

2. Know where you want to go. What do you want to be known for? Like it or not, customers will define us if we don't define ourselves. Do you want to berepparttar 117293 low-price leader? Do you want to berepparttar 117294 value-added vendor? We can't (as much as we might like to) be everything to everyone. Choose a theme for your business and promote that theme at every opportunity. Soon, you will become associated withrepparttar 117295 *One* benefit that is your strong suit.

3. Narrow your niche. Be such an expert in your field that you arerepparttar 117296 natural choice to call when what you do becomes what they need. Marketing, either offline or online, createsrepparttar 117297 greatest impact when it frames YOU asrepparttar 117298 only smart solution to a client's problem.

Dialogue: The Key to Innovation

Written by Kim Green-Spangler

In many ways, today's Internet businesspeople are completely on their own. For some people,repparttar lack of bosses, employees and co-workers is one ofrepparttar 117281 reasons why they chose to enter e-commerce inrepparttar 117282 first place. Certainly, being able to chart your own path and taking responsibility for your own destiny are admirable goals.

There are some downsides to being on your own, however. One ofrepparttar 117283 largest problems I have seen with Internet businesses is a lack of "innovative dialogue." That is, I believe that communication with others is a useful (and perhaps necessary) ingredient for creating new, innovative ideas.

I'm not saying that a person can't have a "flash of inspiration," like Newton getting hit onrepparttar 117284 head with his famous apple. What I am saying is that when we share our ideas with friends, family, or colleagues, we often come up with even more ideas we had never thought of before.

Literary theorists call this "dialogism" -- I call it our need to share with each other. That'srepparttar 117285 best part of being part of a community -- we can share our ideas with each other, combine them, modify them, and perhaps come up with something spectacular.

But, how do you do this when you are an Internet entrepreneur on your own? Well, apart from hiring some employees to talk to, or bringing partners in torepparttar 117286 business, here are a few ways to find community and dialogue onrepparttar 117287 Net:

* Join a discussion board. Many discussion boards are set up to allow businesspeople to share ideas with each other. By becoming a contributing member, you can uncover some great ideas and pass along your own expertise as well. The key here is to be a FULL member -- that is, someone who is willing to read and understand other people's posts, and is not just interested in promoting their own point of view.

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