Dream Interpretation: Summer Dreaming

Written by Mary Shadow

I usually am pretty good at remembering my dreams, but for some reason this one slipped through.

The dream went like this: I was walking alongrepparttar beach and I could feelrepparttar 122186 sand between my toes, and a faint cool breeze washedrepparttar 122187 sweet smell ofrepparttar 122188 ocean over my face. The sea lapped atrepparttar 122189 shore and it was very calm and serene, whilst full of warmth atrepparttar 122190 same time. It all seemed so perfect, and I am greatful to be able to remember that happy place again.

My dear friend at Destiny Psychics [http://www.destinypsychics.com] who do dream interpretations tell me that dreaming of summer indicates that joyous events are onrepparttar 122191 horizon- days full of prosperity. So it looks like happy days for me this summer.

Tarot Card: The World

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

The focus of this card is on...

World issues or world shaking events, encounters and gatherings, travel, change, risks and new opportunities, but also on restriction wall or blocks.

You will be disappointed in your inability to break free of restrictive influences that are blocking you from manifesting any of your goals. You want to liberate yourself from limitation and lack other people's problems, negative attitudes, and force confrontations.

You want to succeed in all areas of your life - your work, your dreams, everything - and you'll have an obsessive desire to liberate yourself from restraint.


You'll be wondering if you'll ever haverepparttar relationship you want, because in your mind it seems that you never manager to achieverepparttar 122185 results you want. Your obsession or preoccupation withrepparttar 122186 past is hindering you ability to see what is really going on, but no matter how caught up or bound you feel, you can still break free.

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