Draught Proofing Your Home

Written by Garry John

This article takes a look at a number of ways of preventing or reducing draughts in your home. There are areas we look at are doors, windows and double-glazing, garage doors and finally some ofrepparttar furnishings you could use to prevent draughts. Draughts are obviously caused byrepparttar 139619 cold air from outside being drawn intorepparttar 139620 house and replacing warmer air. The knock on effect of preventing draughts is a reduction in your heating bill and a warmer home. Draughts can be identified in a number of ways such as identifying obvious gaps, feeling for moving air around doors and windows and looking out for moving curtains.

As we mentioned earlier double-glazing can reduce draughts. It can also reduce heat loss, noise pollution and condensation, and all of these benefits reinforcerepparttar 139621 decision to get double-glazing. Reducing heat loss will obviously reduce heating bills and by making heating your property much more efficient. This in turn means you are making a contribution to reducing pollution and so benefitingrepparttar 139622 environment. The reduction in noise will give you a greater sense of privacy, particular if you live alongside a busy road, plus condensation can damage soft furnishings and create a damp atmosphere. By buying sealed units which fit perfecting onto their frame you are ensuring a draught free environment.

Choosing A New Floor

Written by Garry John

Is it time to give that tired kitchen floor a face lift? Are you looking for justrepparttar right finishing touch for your new living room? The floor you choose can brighten a dark room, make a small one appear larger, or setrepparttar 139618 mood and tone forrepparttar 139619 rest of your decorating. There are so many flooring options available onrepparttar 139620 market these days that you're biggest problem will be deciding which floor you like best! Here are a few suggestions to ease your decision process.

With all those choices available, how do you decide what type of floor fits your lifestyle and design senserepparttar 139621 best? There are a number of factors to consider, includingrepparttar 139622 mood you want to set,repparttar 139623 style and colors of your furnishings, and whatrepparttar 139624 room will be used for. The perfect floor for your work-in kitchen may be too dark for your bright and airy living room, andrepparttar 139625 floor that you love for your living room could be too formal or too delicate for your back patio. Rest assured though, that there is a perfect choice for every room in your home.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Floor

How much traffic willrepparttar 139626 floor get?

The amount and type of traffic that your room will see should be one ofrepparttar 139627 largest deciding factors inrepparttar 139628 kind of floor that you choose. A family room floor with a ping-pong table and busy, active life needs a floor that will stand up to lots of foot traffic andrepparttar 139629 occasional spill. In addition, you want a floor that won't show wear, will be comfortable underfoot, and easy to care for. Vinyl floor tiles or linoleum might be your best choice there, though a good, durable wood laminate floor might do well, as well.

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