Drakensberg Diaries. Chute and Shoot to Thrill. Canoe in the Drakensberg Foothills through the Weenen Game Reserve in South Africa.

Written by Brian Kemp

Planning a holiday inrepparttar Drakensberg Mountains inrepparttar 150080 South African winter? This little gem is a ďsomething completely differentĒ day-trip. So your Drakensberg holiday doesnít have to be all walking.

There are other ways of getting around. Like bobbing throughrepparttar 150081 Weenen Game Reserve in an inflatable canoe. I hear you say ďHold itĒ. Relax, no lions. But thatís about all itís short of. This day-trip is only available inrepparttar 150082 winter months (June Ė September) whenrepparttar 150083 river is at itís lowest. Itíll be warm inrepparttar 150084 sun but cool inrepparttar 150085 shade. Youíll need a hat, sunscreen, binoculars and a camera with a longish lens.

The Bushmanís River sources inrepparttar 150086 high Drakensberg of Giantís Castle. At altitude, its crystal-clear rock pools refresh overheated hikers. Lower down it feedsrepparttar 150087 Weenan Canal - built 100 years ago to provide irrigation forrepparttar 150088 farmlands. Whilerepparttar 150089 river rushes and tumbles over rocks,repparttar 150090 canal is much less imposing. Only a metre deep and no more than a few metres wide. But itís 12 kilometres long, traversing rough and hilly terrain. Donít be too quick to jump in though Ė its cold, winter-green color tells you it hasnít been in liquid form for long.

Your river guides will have everything ready for you. So you can lie back in your little boat. And bob. Inrepparttar 150091 sunshine. Itís got paddles but you donít need them. Claustrophobia sufferers, beware. En route there are three not-so-large steel pipes through whichrepparttar 150092 water has been channeled. You either stop, pick up your boat and portage. Or you lie back withrepparttar 150093 steel tunnel only inches from your face. Itís dark and you can feelrepparttar 150094 heat radiating fromrepparttar 150095 surface. Grit your teeth. Go withrepparttar 150096 flow. Breath relief when you suddenly pop out intorepparttar 150097 sunshine again.

Travel Germany: Oktoberfest

Written by Jean Sutherland

Travel Germany: Oktoberfest

Travelers to Germany during late September and early October are in for an Oktoberfest treat: two solid weeks of beer drinking, revelry and entertainment. For a glimpse intorepparttar festivities, as well as some ofrepparttar 150061 history surroundingrepparttar 150062 event, read on.

Travel Germany: History of Oktoberfest

Even thoughrepparttar 150063 event is named forrepparttar 150064 month afterwards, travelers to Germanyís will notice that Oktoberfest actually starts in September. Originally,repparttar 150065 party began onrepparttar 150066 12th of October, 1810, withrepparttar 150067 marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I of Bavaria) to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The event caused such a stir that it just had to happen againrepparttar 150068 following year! This startedrepparttar 150069 German tradition that travelers from aroundrepparttar 150070 world flock to see every year.

In 1818,repparttar 150071 celebration was comprised of one carousel and a couple of rides (appropriate forrepparttar 150072 times). The beer tents didnít start popping up until 1896, and because Munich was quite a bit smaller than it is today, visitors torepparttar 150073 German Oktoberfest had to travel to a large, 31 hectare field known as die Theresienwiese, which was named afterrepparttar 150074 Princess. Locals, however, knowrepparttar 150075 area just as die Wiesn.

Travel Germany: Oktoberfest Today

Oktoberfest in Germany to travelers is a lot likerepparttar 150076 agricultural fairs elsewhere, complete with rides, merry-go-rounds, a carnival-like atmosphere, food, and, of course,repparttar 150077 overflowing amounts of beer available atrepparttar 150078 14 Bavarian beer tents. However, German travelers should be aware thatrepparttar 150079 full meal deal agricultural fair, called Zentrallandwirtschaftsfest, is only held every three years. Also, die Theresienwiese now lies withinrepparttar 150080 city limits, so visitors to Germanyís Oktoberfest donít have to travel so far.

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