Downsizing Got You Scared? Find Out If An Online Business Is For You!

Written by Doug Parr

Downsizing Got You Scared? Find Out If An Online Business Is For You! © 2002 Doug Parr

Withrepparttar economic downturn, you may be a bit weary about your current job situation. Thoughts of starting your own online business are filling your daydreams. You’ve heardrepparttar 117734 enticing call of self-employment as it screams, “More freedom, more money, more family time, live your dream!” But can you really make a go of your own Web-based company?

In all honesty… probably. I’ll berepparttar 117735 first to tell you that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. It takes dedication, passion and discipline to succeed. Not-to-mention, a lot of hard work, especially inrepparttar 117736 beginning. Then there arerepparttar 117737 “functional” things you’ll need. Before you make that decision to jump onrepparttar 117738 Internet bandwagon, let me make a few points you’ll want to consider.

Getting Started

I knowrepparttar 117739 Web is just full of sites that taunt you by saying you can start your own online business within 24 hours and have millions of hits pouring into your site. The fact is, most ofrepparttar 117740 sites created using these “template businesses” don’t survive.

Here is a real world “short list” of what it takes to launch a successful and profitable Web site.

1. Professional Web Design – Your site is your only connection with potential customers. I simply cannot tell you how extremely vital professional Web site design is torepparttar 117741 success of your company. It helps to create trust, build confidence and instill a sense of safety… all important factors for someone who is about to give their credit card number to a company they’ve never heard of before!

2. Professionally Written Site Copy – You will be amazed to know what goes into writing emotion-stirring, sales triggering copy. You have to get insiderepparttar 117742 minds of your customers. You have to have an extremely good idea of what their needs are, what makes them tick and what makes them BUY! In addition, if you have any desire at all to be indexed and ranked highly withrepparttar 117743 search engines, you’ll need to haverepparttar 117744 exact balance of keywords saturating your copy.

3. A Reliable Web Host – Yes, there are many out there that will provide hosting for just a few dollars per month. But what do you get for your money? How much downtime (time when your site is not available to customers) doesrepparttar 117745 host have? What type of service do they offer? When you have questions or problems, will they be there? Do they offerrepparttar 117746 statistics you need to track your traffic? Choose your Web host very carefully.

Find The Best Tax Resources Right Here

Written by Maria Marsala, Business and Life Coach

Where can a business owner obtain tax information? When you don't know what questions to ask, it's very helpful to take some classes, and read a few articles prior to visiting with a CPA. Enjoy these resources:

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) The IRS hasrepparttar best free classes around! Call your local office to find out whenrepparttar 117733 home business or sole proprietorship classes are held. The home business class is a half-day class;repparttar 117734 sole proprietorship class is a full day. The difference between these two classes --repparttar 117735 extra half day -- is spent dealing with employee tax information. Take a class every year. Expenses are deductible and I bet you will learn quite a few things each year.

Web site at, or call toll free (800) 829-3676. Ask for Business Kit Publication 454 and STEP Publication 1057 (Small Business Tax Education Program). Tell them what type of organization you are considering, how many employees you will have, etc., so they can send you other free helpful publications. They'll even send you a very nice Tax Calendar. Just ask for it!

Local Authorities Let's look at some local taxing authorities. In some states,repparttar 117736 Department of Taxation provides monthly classes for new business owners. They cover state-specific topics such as business income tax, occupancy tax and sales tax.

While we're onrepparttar 117737 local level, don't forget to contact your county, city or town revenue offices, too. Yes, everyone gets inrepparttar 117738 act of collecting some sort of tax! It could be yearly, quarterly, or monthly. Atrepparttar 117739 very least, call each entity to see what they need from you and what materials or classes they provide. Don't want to call? The end result is fines and penalties later on -- usually many times more than you would have paid inrepparttar 117740 first place.

Web Sites Althoughrepparttar 117741 IRS isrepparttar 117742 premier source for tax information, below are other suggested web sites to visit. Peachtree and Intuit (Quicken, QuickBooks) offer bookkeeping, accounting and tax software.

Sandy Botkin, CPA and attorney, is one ofrepparttar 117743 most well known national lecturers inrepparttar 117744 field of tax reduction and audit proofing techniques for small business.

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