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Written by Keith F. Blake Editor's Rating: 8.0


Diner Dash brings usrepparttar story of Flo, an office lackey fed up withrepparttar 149980 monotonous, unchanging pressures of everyday life and work inrepparttar 149981 big city. Thus she hucks everything outrepparttar 149982 window and runs off to find something better to do with her life. As it turns out, that is starting a restaurant chain in suburban America.

We are taken right into her quest as a restaurateur as Flo herself; an energetic, enthusiastic owner who fulfills every role from hostess to server, bartender and busboy (thankfully, cooking is provided by a overworked dark figure behindrepparttar 149983 counter).

Beginning with her very first diner, and ending with an upscale surf and turf joint, we take on Flo's every activity; seating her guests, handing out menu’s, delivering breadsticks, taking and delivering orders (not to mention cocktails), clearing tables, and seatingrepparttar 149984 next guests. All this inrepparttar 149985 pursuit of money with which to improve her existing restaurants or even open up a new one!


The navigation is easy enough to pick up onrepparttar 149986 first try; it’s point and click (click on a dirty table, she runs over and clears it, click on table awaiting their food, she delivers it fromrepparttar 149987 counter). This does get quite challenging inrepparttar 149988 later levels where it becomes necessary to click on other activities while Flo is executingrepparttar 149989 current one (the game creates a queue of activities which Flo will execute one by one until they are complete).

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, this game is fantastic. I wasn’t surprised when I was able to pick it up rather quickly, however I was surprised when my grandmother was flying through at a faster pace then I managed to muster. While easy to get going, it does require a master’s touch to reachrepparttar 149990 highest scores atrepparttar 149991 end ofrepparttar 149992 levels where constant motion is a must. But this just adds torepparttar 149993 playability, and is a welcome change to contemporary games which prove easy to complete with no added challenges.


I found myself wanting to complete this game allrepparttar 149994 way throughrepparttar 149995 first time I played it; which would worry me as to whetherrepparttar 149996 game would hold my interest a week or even a month later. However, these worries are relieved withrepparttar 149997 Endless Shift feature: a score building endless level which “keeps 'em comin’” and provides extras like super ovens, bobcat-fast tennis shoes, and a super podium 3000 to help you alongrepparttar 149998 way.

What Is A BlackBerry

Written by Andrew Constantine

What is a Blackberry?

The short answer torepparttar question what is a Blackberry is that a Blackberry is a handheld organizer and phone with email capabilities designed and produced by a company called Research in Motion, or RIM, based in Waterloo, Ontario.

Since 1984 Research in Motion has been developing ways for consumers to userepparttar 149979 handheld devices to view email, talk onrepparttar 149980 phone, send and receive SMS messages, browserepparttar 149981 Internet, and access Internet solutions globally and wirelessly. The company has won numerous awards for its Blackberry line of products.

Putting Them All Together

What is a Blackberry best able to do? The handheld organizer excels at retrieving email and keeping users plugged into their work and personal lives withrepparttar 149982 ability to send, receive, compose, and edit email wirelessly. What sets repparttar 149983 Blackberry apart from other handheld organizers that access email wirelessly is whatrepparttar 149984 company calls its "push" technology.

Without having to login and access your email account, your email will follow you wherever you go. Even if you go out of range ofrepparttar 149985 Blackberry, it is still on and will reconnect and download your email seamlessly and without further instruction when you are again in range. Users do not have to even login to receive their email.

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