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Written by Rickia Sanders

Withrepparttar myriad of entertainment options available today, itís virtually impossible to say that you canít find anything to capture your attention. Andrepparttar 140577 entertainment options available right inrepparttar 140578 comfort of your own home are at an all time high. From video games to music to movies, most people have their favorite pastimes and are willing to do what it takes to enjoy those Ė within reason.

One ofrepparttar 140579 most hated chores for many people isrepparttar 140580 dreaded movie return, and it seems that it seldom (or never) goes off without a hitch. Consider this too-frequent scenario. Itís 6:30 p.m. and youíve just realized thatrepparttar 140581 movies you rented are due back torepparttar 140582 store by 8 p.m. Plenty of time under ordinary circumstances, but you still havenít had time to watch this particular movie. With a window of an hour and half, you sit down to watch what you can. Children come and go, your spouse asks if youíve foldedrepparttar 140583 laundry (because it was your turn), andrepparttar 140584 phone rings four times. You ignore everyone, determined to enjoyrepparttar 140585 show.

Inrepparttar 140586 end, you know what happens. The family is angry at being ignored, you have six voice mails from a frantic coworker and you still have to decide whether to missrepparttar 140587 end ofrepparttar 140588 movie or payrepparttar 140589 ridiculously expensive late charge to return it late. Andrepparttar 140590 movie wasnít even that good.

Maybe your passion isnít movies. Maybe itís television shows. It could be an older show that you simply donít have access to or an episode of your favorite show that you missed. If youíve got a show that you simply canít get out of your mind, why not look for a recording ofrepparttar 140591 entire season?

Letís Swing at Santa Catalina Islands Casino on Avalon Bay

Written by Carolyn Proctor

Letís Swing at Santa Catalina Islands Casino on Avalon Bay

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Inrepparttar 1930s and '40s, this is where you came to dancerepparttar 140514 night away with your beau, or perhaps meet that new handsome man or pretty girl. Since its Grand Opening Memorial Day weekend in 1929, Santa Catalina Islandís Casino has been and continues to be a main attraction.

The maple, white oak and rosewood dance floor inrepparttar 140515 circular ballroom onrepparttar 140516 top floor could hold up to 500 dancing couples. Nightly they arrived by steamship from Los Angeles, a two-hour trip one-way.

The art deco masterpiece that isrepparttar 140517 Casino became a world-famous landmark, thanks to nationwide nightly big band broadcasts. ďFromrepparttar 140518 beautiful Casino Ballroom overlooking Avalon Bay, at Catalina Island, we bring yourepparttar 140519 music of . . . Ē told radio listeners they were about to hearrepparttar 140520 best ofrepparttar 140521 big bands. Every one from Glen Miller to Harry James to Jimmy Dorsey to Woody Herman performed to enthusiastic dancers and listeners. For 28 seasonsrepparttar 140522 Casino Ballroom averaged 4,000 guests every night. The largest group of dancers ever gathered in 1938 for Kay Kaiserís Band: 6,200 people.

It was an elegant time whenrepparttar 140523 dress code included high heels for ladies. Smoking was never allowed inrepparttar 140524 ballroomófloor-to-ceiling doors opened to a balcony outsideósorepparttar 140525 original dance floor has never been sanded down or refinished.

William Wrigley, Jr., who purchased Santa Catalina Island in 1919, builtrepparttar 140526 Casino because his wife, Ada, and her sisters loved to dance. Inrepparttar 140527 1920s,repparttar 140528 word casino was Italian, meaning a place of gathering or entertainment, or a grand dance pavilionónothing at all to do with gambling.

Althoughrepparttar 140529 style ofrepparttar 140530 Casino is referred to as Moorish Alhambra,repparttar 140531 building has becomerepparttar 140532 premier example ofrepparttar 140533 art deco style so prevalent inrepparttar 140534 1930s.

At 130-feet tall,repparttar 140535 Casino reachedrepparttar 140536 height limit in Los Angeles county atrepparttar 140537 time of construction. For awhile it wasrepparttar 140538 tallest building in LA. Five hundred workmen had worked three shifts daily for 14 months to completerepparttar 140539 structure. The design was considered simple forrepparttar 140540 timeóno heating or air conditioningóandrepparttar 140541 clay roofing tiles were made onrepparttar 140542 island. But Wrigley spared no expense; chandeliers were designed by Tiffany. Inrepparttar 140543 lobby,repparttar 140544 black walnut wood alone is valued today at $3.9 million. Vibrantly-colored ceiling frescos, decorated with 22 carat gold leaf and sterling silver leaf, were so well-executed that they have never needed restoring.

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