Down Payment Assistance Programs – How They Work, And How To Use Them

Written by Rob Beeman

Down Payment Assistance Programs – How They Work, And How To Use Them By Rob Beeman There is more than one form of down payment assistance program available torepparttar property buyer seeking them. There are those offered by local governments, be it city, county or state; those offered byrepparttar 125447 federal government; and those offered by non-profit organizations. This will help you understand them, locate them and use them to your advantage if you need them. How can you, asrepparttar 125448 seller of property, benefit from a down payment assistance program? It’s simple;repparttar 125449 assistance torepparttar 125450 buyer can help: ·Sellrepparttar 125451 property faster ·Makerepparttar 125452 property attractive to more buyers (especially those with limited funds) ·Put more profit intorepparttar 125453 pocket ofrepparttar 125454 seller If a buyer is qualified to gain a mortgage however lacksrepparttar 125455 required down payment, or evenrepparttar 125456 necessary funds to close, using a down payment assistance program can now make that non-able buyer an able buyer. Sorepparttar 125457 buyer short of cash, who had to pass on other properties because ofrepparttar 125458 lack of necessary funds required, can now purchase your property because you directed them to a down payment assistance program. The buyers that you used to have to turn away because of not enough cash required can now possibly become a sale. Thus, faster sale – faster profit. You can now advertiserepparttar 125459 property differently to gain greater response. Consider an ad like this: 555 Maple Lane, 3Br, 2Ba, lg yrd. Own it for only $1000 down! 555-5555. Bet you’ll get more calls! Most ofrepparttar 125460 down payment assistance programs have certain requirements that must be met in order to be used. One such requirement is usuallyrepparttar 125461 need forrepparttar 125462 buyers to have some of their own cash intorepparttar 125463 transaction. The amount of cash required byrepparttar 125464 buyer varies from program to program; however most require at least $500 to $1000 ofrepparttar 125465 buyer’s funds to be inrepparttar 125466 deal, or in some cases as much as 1% ofrepparttar 125467 sales price. Ifrepparttar 125468 buyer is using funds offered by a local municipality (city, county or state) inrepparttar 125469 form of a grant or low interest loan (second mortgage), andrepparttar 125470 seller had originally planned on offering seller’s assistance torepparttar 125471 buyer for settlement help, this will allowrepparttar 125472 seller to gain an additional profit, since little or no seller’s assistance will be needed. As we mentioned earlier, there is more than one form of down payment assistance program available to direct buyers to in order for you,repparttar 125473 seller, to reaprepparttar 125474 rewards. They are: ·Non-Profit Grants ·Municipal Grants ·Municipal Low Interest Loans We will coverrepparttar 125475 pros and cons of each. What is available will vary in different parts ofrepparttar 125476 country, but we will supply you resources to investigate what is available near you. Non-Profit Grants This form of grant is offered by a qualified non-profit organization as assistance torepparttar 125477 buyer for help with down payment and/or closing costs associated withrepparttar 125478 purchase of their primary residence. The funds, wired directly torepparttar 125479 settlement agent’s escrow account, come from a “pool” of money available to assist buyers. The amount of funds supplied to assistrepparttar 125480 buyer are deducted fromrepparttar 125481 seller’s proceeds at settlement and wired back torepparttar 125482 non-profit organization after settlement to replenishrepparttar 125483 “pool” in order to helprepparttar 125484 next buyer requesting aide. In addition torepparttar 125485 reimbursement torepparttar 125486 “pool”,repparttar 125487 seller is charged a fee byrepparttar 125488 non-profit organization to cover administration costs. This fee varies between programs and is disclosed in their advertising info. Here are a few ofrepparttar 125489 programs that we are aware of: /


Written by Rick Etheredge

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