Doorway Pages: The Ancient Art Of Search Engine Positioning

Written by Cal Gulla

To spam or not to spam … that isrepparttar question. Sincerepparttar 128125 dawn ofrepparttar 128126 SEO community spam and spam tactics, including doorway pages, have been used and often abused by those hoping to attain higher ranking onrepparttar 128127 search engines. The problem with these tactics is that they are often short-lived asrepparttar 128128 search engines work hard to keep up and eventually penalize sites using these tactics. So what can a Webmaster do to attain top positioning?

In this article we will focus onrepparttar 128129 use of doorway pages in this, part one of three articles covering commonly used spam tactics andrepparttar 128130 more “legitimate” (we’ll call anything thatrepparttar 128131 search engines haven’t spoken out against “legitimate”) methods for attaining these top positions.

What will be covered in this article?

-Doorway pages and why they are penalized -What can you do to providerepparttar 128132 same effect for your website withoutrepparttar 128133 risk

Doorway Pages And Why They Are Penalized

By definition doorway pages are pages of with keyword heavy content, not meant to be seen byrepparttar 128134 visitor but which are designed to attain high rankings on search engines. There is generally a forward or redirect on this page which will takerepparttar 128135 searcher to a “pitch page” or index page.

Because these pages serve no useful function other than attaining high rankings,repparttar 128136 search engines have attempted time and time again to penalize sites using them.

As “intelligent” as many search engine algorithms are, webmasters and “black arts” SEO’s are constantly in a battle with them to workaroundrepparttar 128137 detection of redirect technology. Inrepparttar 128138 end however, virtually every technology will be found out. When you’re site hitsrepparttar 128139 top 10 and your competitors noticerepparttar 128140 redirect they are likely to report you and then Google will take a look at how you’ve done it and add detection for that tactic. Basically, using redirect technology may work for a while however it will get found out eventually so it should only be used if you are using a dummy domain that you want to discard, or if you just don’t care if your site gets blacklisted.

What can you do to providerepparttar 128141 same effect for your website withoutrepparttar 128142 risk?

Until recently there was only one commonly used tactic that would providerepparttar 128143 same effect for your website withoutrepparttar 128144 use of a redirect and that was hidden text. The problem with hidden text now is that … once again …repparttar 128145 search engines have built into their algorithmsrepparttar 128146 ability to detect it. This is relatively simple; ifrepparttar 128147 background isrepparttar 128148 same color asrepparttar 128149 text then it is considered hidden (a fairly obvious detection strategy right?).

Search engines-To pay or not no pay?

Written by David Bell

Whilerepparttar Web is still a great place for free advertising and promotion, there are some times that you simply have to put out... money, that is.I hear a lot of whining about howrepparttar 128124 Internet is meant to be FREE. Why should we have to pay to be listed on a search engine? The answer is simple. Money.Not your money. The search engine's money. As in payroll, rent, servers, insurance, computers and so on. Dorepparttar 128125 math. Assume it takes even as little as 3 minutes to process a site submission. That means an average employee can review at most 20 sites each hour. Or only 160 sites each day. Let's pretend that Yahoo! only gets 200,000 submissions per day. That would require 1,250 employees just to keep up withrepparttar 128126 reviews, not counting supervisors, managers, support staff and all ofrepparttar 128127 other needs that 1,250 employees would have. That only takes care ofrepparttar 128128 new submissions. What about all ofrepparttar 128129 maintenance required to a database as large as theirs? URL changes. Dead links. Name changes. So what it really comes down to is this:repparttar 128130 people that sayrepparttar 128131 Net should be "Free" really mean that it should be free to them, as in somebody else should pay for it. Unless you want to wait a long time to start getting traffic from search engines, you are going to have to pay a few fees. Considerrepparttar 128132 following four directories andrepparttar 128133 solid value they offer in return for very reasonable fees. LookSmart Not being listed in LookSmart is like beingrepparttar 128134 Invisible Man. Oops. I guess that should berepparttar 128135 Invisible Person. The reality is that LookSmart reaches a larger Internet audience than any other entity. Because they supply search results to such portals as CNN, MSN, Excite and AltaVista as well as through their own search site, LookSmart is able to expose your site to over 77% ofrepparttar 128136 Internet population, or in round numbers, 58 million people. That's an impossible market penetration to ignore. If your site is non-commercial, you can submit your site for a listing at no charge. However, there is no guarantee as to when, or even if your site will get reviewed. If your site is commercial in nature, or if you want to get listed quickly in order to start your traffic flow, you have two options. Option 1 allows you to submit for a review that is guaranteed to occur within 8 weeks. The fee is $99 US. Option 2 costs $199 US and you are guaranteed to have your review within 48 hours. This isrepparttar 128137 fastest path you will find to long-term, free traffic asrepparttar 128138 fee is one time only. These options do not guarantee that you will be listed inrepparttar 128139 LookSmart directory, but rather a guarantee that your site will be considered withrepparttar 128140 stated time frame. startedrepparttar 128141 whole business of paid listings. Their model was unique when it launched. Site owners don't pay for listings - they pay for each visitor GoTo sends them as a result ofrepparttar 128142 site's listing.

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