Don't get trapped by Rogue Anti-Spyware software!

Written by Richard Rossbauer

Recent computer problems raised my suspicions that a hijacker or other malware program had infiltrated its protective software.

Too many crashes and program hang-ups were taking place to be normal. Yes, there really shouldn't be any problems in a virus and spyware free computer.

But, who is blessed with such a pure machine?

The experts nearly all agree that upwards of 90 percent of all computers used to visitrepparttar Internet are infected with some sort of virus, adware, spyware or malware. And even though my startup routine includes automatic sweeps by two different spyware sweepers and one virus scanner, stuff could still get in.

So, I tried a new anti-spyware software advertised in a recent newsletter. This program indicated that two ofrepparttar 146106 nastiest browser hijackers in circulation and two equally nasty malwares were buried in my Registry and 'ini' files!

I was dumbfounded! How did my top rated protective programs miss them? Not only did they get byrepparttar 146107 start-up protective software, but they apparently slipped underrepparttar 146108 gun-sights ofrepparttar 146109 registry monitor that operates inrepparttar 146110 background, andrepparttar 146111 monitor (Webroot SpySweeper) that sweeps before shutdown.

What really aroused my suspicions wasrepparttar 146112 price tag to have this new program removerepparttar 146113 infiltrators. It was quite high compared torepparttar 146114 price for registering any ofrepparttar 146115 popular and highly recommended protective programs, some of which will remove spyware for free.

How Will Your Network Be Compromised?

Written by Darren Miller

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Title ----- How Will Your Network Be Compromised? Complex Hacking - Computer Compromise ------------------------------------------------------ Every time I attend a "Security Guru's" meeting, I'm amazed by how much time and effort is spent on discussing complex hacking and computer compromise of computer networks and systems.

One person is going on aboutrepparttar 143158 latest "heap corruption" vulnerability and another is discussing man-in-the-middle techniques for compromising remote access systems. Most of these vulnerabilities are very difficult to successfully exploit. Some of them require specific host platforms, special tools, in-depth knowledge of many programming languages, and a lot of luck.

I'm not saying there are not tons of vulnerabilities and exploits like these, it's just that they are not always easy to take advantage of, and therefore, may not present themselves as high risk events for most organizations.

It's The Little Things The Will Get You Every Time -------------------------- During security assessments, there are times when I am able to successfully exploit a "technical" vulnerability to gain system or internal network access. For instance; during a recent assessment, I identified a web application server that appeared to be vulnerable to an IIS / ASP vulnerability that would allow an attacker to dump all .ASP code onrepparttar 143159 server. After some effort and a little C/C++ code, I was able to take advantage of this exploit. After perusing throughrepparttar 143160 .ASP code onrepparttar 143161 server, I was able to gain important information that resulted inrepparttar 143162 comprise of an internal system.

However,repparttar 143163 reality is it isrepparttar 143164 simple things that arerepparttar 143165 biggest problem. Most times, internal network compromise is repparttar 143166 result of one or more ofrepparttar 143167 following:

The installation of a web support application that has little to no security features to begin with;

The installation of support software that has a well-known default password forrepparttar 143168 admin account. And,repparttar 143169 person installingrepparttar 143170 software never bothers to changerepparttar 143171 password;

Improperly configured communications devices such as routers and switches;

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