Don't You Quit!

Written by A.Z. Alfred

“A man who has nothing to die for is not fit to live.”

—Martin Luther

You sat in that secret corner of your room. You feltrepparttar bubbles of excitement in your pumping machine (your heart) because an idea that will changerepparttar 135749 course of your life is replaying itself every three seconds between your ears. So full of life, you took a pen and a notebook, putting down your great idea in black and white. You set a target for yourself, a deadline and a date. You were so excited because of your dreams. And out you go with made plans and a determination to succeed.

After so many attempts, you seem to realize that things are not what you think they are. You realize that just like there are two sides to a coin, same with life. Simply because life has tossed challenges, which you call failures, your way, you chose to joinrepparttar 135750 crew that believes every set plan is nothing but some alphabets and figures written on blank pages. More to say, you acceptedrepparttar 135751 wrong notion that all doors leading to your success are shut, thatrepparttar 135752 world won’t see your dreams. And you decided to quit, abandoning your quest. You actually conceded torepparttar 135753 word “defeat.” You said to your despairing heart “ I am a failure.”

Of course you are right to have felt that way but before you tumble into a world of nightmares, before you cease to breathe life into your ideas, before you start seeing your-burnt-out-self depending onrepparttar 135754 monthly pay forrepparttar 135755 unemployed from Uncle Sam, lets go over a couple of ifs.

If Abraham Lincoln gave up so soon, he would not have been elected president of United States.

If Arnold Swazzenegger despaired after his first workout inrepparttar 135756 gym, he would not berepparttar 135757 master of body builders. And he would not have been anywhere close to beingrepparttar 135758 Governor of California State.

If Tim Berners Lee,repparttar 135759 man who developedrepparttar 135760 World Wide Web, ended his career so soon because of disappointments, you would not now be surfing onrepparttar 135761 Internet. You would not be reading this either. Probably, electronics messaging would still remain inrepparttar 135762 horizon ofrepparttar 135763 future.

If all great men, sincerepparttar 135764 dawn of time, had given up so soon, where do you think civilization would be, back inrepparttar 135765 thirties or forties? Do you think you would have some weird country music, R and B and rap music on your disc man while onrepparttar 135766 train or bus? No! Everything would be back torepparttar 135767 very beginning, millions of years beforerepparttar 135768 birth of Ishmael and Isaac. One thing I know for sure, we would all be living comfortably –or uncomfortably, a negative word I rarely say—in caves, sharing authority with Simba,repparttar 135769 Lion King. Our Mark and Spencer suits and fur coats would be replaced by some smelly animal skin dried inrepparttar 135770 sun. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? If you dare life that way, you can click your mouse and this page will vanish from your screen, never to be seen again. But if you don’t, then read on.

5 Tips to Eliminate Overwhelm & Accelerate Action

Written by Beth Tabak

"You can’t swing and think atrepparttar same time.” Yogi Berra

The more you get up to batrepparttar 135692 more you develop skills. Each time atrepparttar 135693 plate is another opportunity coming your way. The more you take actionrepparttar 135694 more you will advance. Whetherrepparttar 135695 game is your sport, career, business, home, or taking a risk one thing is clear. The more you take action,repparttar 135696 greater your skills become, andrepparttar 135697 more you achieve. Below are 5 tips to eliminate overwhelm and accelerate action.

1- Maintain a Clear Path~ Imagine mowing your lawn by just wandering around mowing wherever you see grass at any given moment. Can you imagine how long it would take? Studies are now acknowledging multi-tasking to be multi-debilitating. The more you create a clear track of what needs to be done while fully focusing on one thing at a time,repparttar 135698 faster you can move forward on it. Seerepparttar 135699 resource below for help with this.

2- Microstep to Success~ Overwhelm is paralyzing. Start by microstepping. Take tiny steps to progress. Do what you know you can do (even if it seems ridiculous). I know I can clean out 1 drawer. I know I can put on my workout clothes and walk torepparttar 135700 street. I know I can sit down with pen and paper for 15 minutes to ponder my book idea or begin a business plan. Microstepping will move you forward, build momentum and confidence.

3- Set Time Deadlines~ Setting deadlines when you begin a task helps maintain pace. It preventsrepparttar 135701 regret of, “where didrepparttar 135702 day go?”. Time is a valuable asset to be cared for. When beginning decide how much time you will allow, and focus to complete within that time. Set times duringrepparttar 135703 day to manage tasks that would normally interrupt you such as e-mails, phone calls, and co-workers. When interruptions are inevitable, set a boundary by decidingrepparttar 135704 time you will allow forrepparttar 135705 interruption.

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