Don't Wait, Financial Planners--Media Folks Want Your Free Publicity Ideas Months in Advance

Written by Ned Steele

Looking to get your name into a magazine? You need to be thinking ahead--way ahead. Magazines start planning their issues as much as six months before their publication date.

In January, when you are muttering aboutrepparttar expensive heating bill, magazine writers are penning tips about staying cool. In June, while you lie onrepparttar 144461 beach, they are researchingrepparttar 144462 hot new Christmas toys.

If you call a magazine reporter in March with tax tips for April 15th, they will be more than a little bit annoyed. They finished their tax articles months ago and are working on back-to-school pieces.

When you have a story pegged for a specific date, contact magazine folks as far ahead of time as possible. They will respect your understanding ofrepparttar 144463 magazine game.

Your Financial Planning Clients May Hold the Key to Free Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

Every reporter, fromrepparttar cub atrepparttar 144460 small town paper torepparttar 144461 high-paid anchor on 60 Minutes, dreams of finding a lead to that news story that everyone will want to read.

Any marketing-minded financial planner will start to dorepparttar 144462 same if they are serious about getting free publicity throughrepparttar 144463 media.

See,repparttar 144464 media has a pretty good idea of what appeals torepparttar 144465 public. That's a big part of their job--determining what stories are likely to attract their customers: readers, viewers or listeners.

You must develop this skill as well.

Luckily, you talk torepparttar 144466 media's customers every day--they are your clients. They can help you determine what tips, tricks and trends are likely to appeal torepparttar 144467 masses.

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