Don't Use FFA's To Build Your Newsletter Subscriber List

Written by Dean Phillips

For those of you who aren't familiar withrepparttar term, The initials FFA stand for "FREE For All" and my advice would be don't waste your time! FFA's DON'T WORK!

FFA sites are directories where anyone can place their ad for free. And that's exactly what you get--a zillion people posting free ads.

When you post your ad on an FFA directory or site, here's what will happen. You'll immediately get back in response to your ad a truckload of autoresponder e-mails from every Tom, Dick and Harriet soliciting you to join their programs. Hardly anyone ever actually reads your ad. FFA's will produce next to zero new subscribers to your newsletter.

Here are some suggestions to help you build your newsletter subscriber list:

1. Put a subscriber box on your web site. People can easily enter their email address and send it to you. A percentage of people who visit your web site will sign up for your newsletter. Just don't scare them off by asking for a lot of personal information. Put their minds at ease by promising not to share their e-mail address with anyone else.

2. Announce your newsletter inrepparttar 118594 e-zine announcement directories. There are several sites with searchable catalogues of ezines. These sites get lots of visitors and are a surefire way to find hundreds of new subscribers. Here are a few to get you started:

How To Write Super-Effective Ads and Sales Letters!

Written by Dean Phillips

"The more things change,repparttar more they stayrepparttar 118593 same". That old saying couldn't be more true, especially when it comes to writing ads and sales letters.

The same things that worked fifty years ago, continue to work today. Yes, times and technology have changed, but people haven't. At least, notrepparttar 118594 way we react to an effective advertisement.

When writing an ad or sales letter, there are two critical points you must NEVER, EVER forget:

1. Most people don't make a buying decision based on logic. They make a buying decision based on their emotions.

2. People don't want to feel like they're being coerced or pushed into anything. They want to feel like they arrived at a buying decision completely of their own free will.

Go back and read point number two again. That's a very fine line. But you MUST learnrepparttar 118595 distinction, if you want to masterrepparttar 118596 art of writing effective sales material.

Actually, writing effective sales material is quite simple, really. In fact, I'm going to teach you all ofrepparttar 118597 basics in this article today. And if you consistently apply those basics, you'll see your income skyrocket!

Here'srepparttar 118598 key: You MUST write every single ad and sales letter usingrepparttar 118599 following classic AIDA formula:


Let's break down each letter, so that you can understandrepparttar 118600 full import ofrepparttar 118601 formula:

A=ATTENTION: The very first thing your ad or sales letter must do is get your prospects attention. The very best way to do that is with an effective headline.

So, what's an effective headline? An effective headline is any headline that answers this question: "What's in it for me"? That's all your prospects really cares about. What's in it for them? Here's an up-to-the-second example of an effective headline: "How To Write Super-Effective Ads and Sales Letters"!

So, what makesrepparttar 118602 title of this article an effective headline? Two things: First of all, I answeredrepparttar 118603 "What's in it for me" question. Secondly,repparttar 118604 headline made you read this article.

And that my friend isrepparttar 118605 whole point! You want prospects to read your sales material!

Now, we come torepparttar 118606 second letter inrepparttar 118607 aforementioned AIDA formula: I="INTEREST". After you get your prospects attention, you want to get them "INTERESTED" in your product or service. You do that by immediately telling them what your headline promises. You don't waste their time with a bunch of fluff and garbage that nobody but you cares about.

Tell them what they want to know, starting withrepparttar 118608 very first paragraph, and continue to tell them, right through torepparttar 118609 very last paragraph. If you keep them interested, they'll keep reading, right torepparttar 118610 very end.

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