Don't Upgrade Operating Systems!

Written by Paulina Roe

If you want to upgrade to a higher level of operating system, as in, if you have Windows 98 but want Windows ME - it is highly recommended that you buy a full version ofrepparttar system you want. The version of 98 you have now may have errors on it, for whatever reason (perhaps too many "hard" shutdowns where you didn't close out your windows first, or a corrupted file, etc.), and these will not be fixed up or go away with an upgrade. Instead, some things could get worse.

When you only install an upgrade, it's typically called a "dirty install" - that is becauserepparttar 107856 previous errors remain inrepparttar 107857 system. Even if you just installed Windows 98 new and then immediately upgraded, you will still find that there are probably errors that will come up. The only way to definitely get rid ofrepparttar 107858 errors is to formatrepparttar 107859 hard drive and installrepparttar 107860 full operating system. This leaves you susceptible to losing a lot of data, even if you fully back up.

Your best bet is to userepparttar 107861 operating system you have. If you are really wanting to upgrade, first back up all your data, and get your disks for all software, drivers and such (your drivers for modem, printer, plug & play - everything), and be ready to deal with some hassle. When you back up - back uprepparttar 107862 registry files too - you can lose a lot of information and operating needs if you don't take all this into account.

Are You a Candidate for Carpal Tunnel or Other Problems?

Written by Pauliina Roe

Do you realize how many people have health problems due to working on their computers, with a less than optimal set-up? Ergonomics is a big concern, but America is still behind in appreciatingrepparttar concept. We have better back stores and such, but people usually do not take repparttar 107855 entire computer set-up into consideration. There are definite orientations ofrepparttar 107856 equipment which should be made - and can make a big difference in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back strain, and other problems.

Your Seat should be adjustable - in height, in swivel, inrepparttar 107857 armrest. You need to be able to change your position a bit throughout your day. Your legs should rest sorepparttar 107858 bottom of your foot rests onrepparttar 107859 floor or a footrest, withrepparttar 107860 back ofrepparttar 107861 knee slightly higher thanrepparttar 107862 height of repparttar 107863 chair seat. The armrest should supportrepparttar 107864 forearms comfortably, and not interfere with movement.

Your Monitor should be directly in front of you, at a height sorepparttar 107865 top line ofrepparttar 107866 monitor screen is at your eye level. You should be viewing it from at least 18-24 inches away.

Your Keyboard should be directly in front of you. The height should be sorepparttar 107867 elbow is atrepparttar 107868 side ofrepparttar 107869 body and comfortable, with relaxed shoulders, andrepparttar 107870 wrist flat. Your forearm should be parallel torepparttar 107871 floor withrepparttar 107872 elbows torepparttar 107873 side. You might want to try using repparttar 107874 new hilly keyboards withrepparttar 107875 keys placed in optimal positions for better typing - it seems to relieve stress for many people -repparttar 107876 fingers align better withrepparttar 107877 keys so there is less stretching.

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