Don't Suffer Male Menopause Any Longer!

Written by Garry Munro

Many men do suffer from Male Menopause, it usually hits men aged between 35-55, so what can men who find themselves in repparttar grip of Male Menopause do to get back to a normal and happy life.

The best advice I can offer is to accept it for what it is and not something to be ashamed of or something to worry about.

Male Menopause comes in many forms, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, loss of self esteem, lack of energy, loss of interest, etc.

Living in Abundance: May the Force Be With You

Written by Carmellita M. Brown

Perhaps, you have heardrepparttar phrase “Mayrepparttar 141918 force be with you” from your favorite Episode ofrepparttar 141919 Star Wars movies. The Star Wars movies explorerepparttar 141920 power of our choices,repparttar 141921 wonder of destiny, andrepparttar 141922 power that is in us and all around us. However, what ifrepparttar 141923 force could truly be with in every aspect of your life?

There is a power in us and throughoutrepparttar 141924 Universe that allows us to live abundantly. We can live in wealth, happiness, divine love, optimal health, and peace and order. The beauty is we don’t have to be a Jedi to do it. That force lies within all of us. That force is magnified by our own consciousness. The question is: “how many of us takerepparttar 141925 time to tap into this force? How many of us actually know how to use it?”

We are bold enough to watchrepparttar 141926 Star Wars movies and feel that jolt in side of us each time we see an energy sword light-up; we have that same energy. This energy that helps us to live inrepparttar 141927 divine flow of love and devotion,repparttar 141928 divine flow of health and wellness,repparttar 141929 divine flow of wealth and success, andrepparttar 141930 divine flow of peace and order. This energy magnifies more and more as we begin to live as our true self. When we live as our true self, we learn how to manifest our true desires are and we set foot onrepparttar 141931 path of destiny.

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