Don't Make the Top 30 SEO Mistake

Written by By Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO

SEO consultants will tell you that you need to be inrepparttar Top 30 or you can pretty much give up any hope of getting a visitor to your web site.

Yes, there is truth in that Top 30 goal. Occasionally, a potential customer will make his or her way torepparttar 149119 #30 position in search of a particular product or service. The odds just aren't that high.

Yet, industry research and ongoing search engine user behavior analysis shows that most people will focus onrepparttar 149120 first few results. Who can blame them? It takes a great deal of patience to wade throughrepparttar 149121 rest ofrepparttar 149122 options.

It's going to mean a great deal more if you can get that prized search term inrepparttar 149123 Top 10 (first screen) or evenrepparttar 149124 Top 3 or Top 5 withrepparttar 149125 right SEO marketing strategies.

With so much competition, is that even possible? Yes - if you're realistic. Here'srepparttar 149126 key: don't spend an inordinate amount of time inrepparttar 149127 single keyword "cars" if you offer something more specific, such as "automotive accessories." You stand a much better chance of getting that coveted top spot with a more reasonable search phrase.

Increase the number of visitors to your website for free

Written by Stephen Hill

If you are looking to increaserepparttar number of visitors to your website or increase your hits, I have a number of ideas that I hope will prove beneficial.

By farrepparttar 148774 best advice would be writing articles, just likerepparttar 148775 one you are reading. If you search for: The best way to promote your website Stuttering and its effects

on Google and just look where these two articles are placed. As of July 2005 they were number one. This alone will create a good level of visitors to my websites as you are able to add a live link atrepparttar 148776 bottom ofrepparttar 148777 article to your site.

When you have written an article you need to submit it to various article websites such as and just watch your hits increase.

To find other article websites you can searchrepparttar 148778 internet, I also use a website called goarticles.

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