Don't Let the Internet Overstimulate Your Mind

Written by Jesse S. Somer

The Internet is an awesome tool, but be careful and aware thatrepparttar cloud of over stimulation doesnít invade your mind.

It seems we have to become aware of a new problem that is starting to invade our modern, industrial society, that beingrepparttar 107994 problem of over stimulation. The Internet is an excellent tool but we have to remember thatrepparttar 107995 mind isrepparttar 107996 most valuable tool imaginable. Some would argue that spirit or soul is of equal or more importance, I am not disagreeing with these people. The point that I am attempting to put forward for discussion is that althoughrepparttar 107997 Internet is an excellent new medium that can affect nearly all aspects of life in a positive way, like all things in existence it too has a shadow side. Over stimulation ofrepparttar 107998 mind is a huge cloud inrepparttar 107999 blue sky of consciousness.

Have you ever sat at your desk searching throughrepparttar 108000 Web for News information, then checking your emails with their accompanying attachments and links, and then doing general searches for random information? If you receive newsletters, or subscribe to blogs, you read these daily as well. The human mind is powerful, and scientists say that we only use an average of 10 % of it, but doesnít that entail that we should be careful not to overload its present information processing capabilities?

Iíve read that in one New York Times newspaper there is more information to digest than one would have had to process in a whole lifetime ofrepparttar 108001 Shakespearean era. Withrepparttar 108002 advent ofrepparttar 108003 Internet we have more access to knowledge and opinion than ever previously. We have to be cautious my friends. I personally have had to come torepparttar 108004 realization that my spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health is of more importance than all other things in life. If I work too hard, or try to read too much, my mind starts to weigh down with allrepparttar 108005 thoughts that are produced with each and every tidbit of communication that I take in. After a while I sometimes feel like there is a giant cloud inside my mind and I no longer feel confident to dorepparttar 108006 daily activities that are required of me as a committed team player of our society.

Persuasive Speech Topic Ideas

Written by Brian Benjamin Carter, MS, LAc

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What makes a good persuasive speech topic? Experts will tell you that it should be a conversial subject. Why?

Well, if it's not controversial, no one, including yourself, will care if anyone gets persuaded! Andrepparttar more controversial your persuasive speech topic,repparttar 107993 harder challenge your creating for yourself, andrepparttar 107994 more you'll learn.

What's controversial enough? Well, we could consider vulgar things, but let's not degraderepparttar 107995 quality of our diatribe. Let's begin withrepparttar 107996 two topics ettiquette suggests be omitted from polite conversation: religion, and politics!

Medical Persuasive Speech Topic Ideas:

Stem Cells Cloning Abortion Is it a Fetus, or a Child? Whose Rights are More Important - Mom's, or Child's? Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Alcoholism Is it a Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Spiritual Disease? Is it a real disease, or just a learned behavior AIDS Global Viral Epidemics Drugs Should We Legalize Marijuana? Marijuana: Its Effects onrepparttar 107997 Mind and Body Parenthood Issues Teen Parenthood Welfare and Large Families Irresponsible Fathers Should We Require a License for Parenthood? Political Persuasive Speech Topic Ideas:

Capital Punishment The Death Penalty Versus Thou Shalt Not Kill Poverty - Why Haven't We Solved This Problem? War Terrorism The Middle East Political Correctness vs. First Amendment Rights Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Protecting People

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Another thing to consider in developing your persuasive speech topic is your approach. Aristotle listed several kinds - a persuasive speech topic can be based on questions of fact, value, or policy.

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