"Don't Let Your Visitors 'Stay' Away!"

Written by John Evans

"Don't Let Your Visitors 'Stay' Away!" copyright2001-02 John Evans

Does your web site contain links to other sites? Most web sites do, because we need to be able to offer free stuff to our visitors, don't we? Also, we need to offer them useful links, as a courtesy (and maybe a small 'bribe'?) for visiting us. At least, we should!

But having links to someone else's site would take YOUR visitors away from YOUR site. Not good! You put a lot of time and effort into learning to build your site, or paid good money to have someone do it for you. You spent a whole lot of time and effort looking for good things to sell, or affiliates to join. And much time trying to find free stuff and useful content for YOUR visitors.

Then of course, you spent hours, or weeks writing great ads that will attract masses of traffic to your site. And, writing ads and web pages so others will buy from you (you did, didn't you?). Then you had to look forrepparttar best ezines to place your great ads in.

So, now you have a great-looking web site, with lots of freebies. Good, useful content. Wrote some nice ads. Placed ads in umpteen ezines. Traffic starts flowing to your site. People are really clicking on those links you so thoughtfully provided.

But wait! They're clicking on links that take them to --- someone else's site. And they're not coming back! Why? Maybe they forgot which site they came from (yours). Or they just got too interested in that other site. What everrepparttar 118930 reason, they're gone.

"Pop-up Windows! Do You Really NEED Them?"

Written by John Evans

"Pop-up Windows! Do You Really NEED Them?" copyright2001-02 John Evans

I don't know about you, but those things really annoy me.

You knowrepparttar kind; you click on someone's web address link, and while you're waiting forrepparttar 118929 page to load, a small window pops up. They are, of course, put there to advertise something. And like as not, that 'something' may not even be related to what you came to look at in repparttar 118930 first place. Annoying? You bet.

Are you using them? And are you losing customers because of them? You just might be!

They actually weren't too bad, before, but lately they seem to be getting much worse. Used to be that you might get justrepparttar 118931 one when you first clicked onrepparttar 118932 web address link. Now, you not only get that one, but maybe another one (the same ad) when you click on a link within that web page. And then, another one when you click out of repparttar 118933 site. Where will it end?

More and more often, I have opened a web site, and IMMEDIATELY got one of those pop-ups. Not too bad. But whenrepparttar 118934 second one shows up, I hastily depart that site. You may have donerepparttar 118935 same.

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