Don't Let HTML Scare Or Deter You From Getting Your Business Online!

Written by Joe Reinbold

Many new internet marketers or prospective online business owners balk atrepparttar idea of having to become familiar with HTML so that they can create and/or modify their future web pages. And it is one ofrepparttar 118060 most common questions I get asked by new subscribers and visitors to my site - "Do I have to know HTML?" I went throughrepparttar 118061 same anxiety and reservations when we were first considering taking our business online. I took a look atrepparttar 118062 HTML that made up some ofrepparttar 118063 web pages and said WOW, whatrepparttar 118064 heck is that!

HTML or HyperText Markup Language is one ofrepparttar 118065 major languages onrepparttar 118066 Web used to write web pages. It gives yourepparttar 118067 ability to combine text, pictures, sounds and links all in one page.

I had no background in programing or even an inkling of what HTML was or how it worked. It seemed like an obstacle that I wouldn't be able to get around. But I was determined to get my online business up and running and I didn't have a budget that would allow me to contract out my web page development.

So I started asking around about HTML on different discussion boards and did some searches and was surprised atrepparttar 118068 amount of information that was available free. There are many sites out there with lessons on how to use HTML to construct a web page. Likewise there are many sites with free graphics, free cgi and java scripts. So it wasn't long before I had a basic web page put together and it also wasn't long before I started understanding some ofrepparttar 118069 coding and could mess around with it to make a page look different.

I want to digress a bit here in discussing my learning curve. During my research about HTML, I found out that there were a number of software products that made working with HTML in constructing a web page relatively simple. These programs actually allowed you to construct a great web page with out really knowing HTML at all. The one that I started out with was called "Hot Dog" available at (I am not kidding aboutrepparttar 118070 name, that's what it's called) and its cost is just under $100. I have been using it since mid-1998. I don't sell it so I am not looking for a commission. I found it easy to learn and use even though I had little or no experience with HTML. I subsequently purchased Frontpage2000 but I still use Hot Dog because I find it simpler. If you are interested in Frontpage you can find some tips and how to tutorials at

Steps to Optimizing Your HTML Code

Written by Shelley Lowery

Your key to success in online marketing and promotion is your web site. From your title, keywords, meta tags, and text, to your over all site design, each plays a very important role when optimizing your site. If your site doesn't rank inrepparttar top 10 or 20 when doing a keyword search atrepparttar 118059 top search engines, your target audience won't be able to find you.

About 80 percent of all web site traffic originates fromrepparttar 118060 eight major search engines. Most people will go to a search engine, type in a keyword or keyword phrase and look through repparttar 118061 top 10 - 20 results. Most ofrepparttar 118062 time they'll find what they're looking for inrepparttar 118063 first 10 results. The percentage of click throughs are even smaller. Listing nearrepparttar 118064 top and grabbingrepparttar 118065 attention of your target audience isrepparttar 118066 top priority. There are many components of your web page that you should pay close attention to when preparing it for listing in a search engine.

The first step towards improving your listing is selecting repparttar 118067 best keywords and keyword phrases that best reflect your web page. Keywords arerepparttar 118068 foundation of your web presence inrepparttar 118069 search engines.

* Keywords

To help you choose effective keywords and keyword phrases, there are two important steps. First of all, get a Thesaurus and investigate synonyms for your original keywords. Write these words down on a sheet of paper. Next, perform your keyword and keyword phrases search atrepparttar 118070 major engines. Pay close attention torepparttar 118071 web sites that rank 1 through 10. Viewrepparttar 118072 source code of these pages. Pay close attention to their placement of keywords inrepparttar 118073 , <META> and <ALT> tags. Next, do a search for your competitor's web sites and view their HTML source code. Noticing patterns is your key to ranking above them.<p>* <IMG ALT> Tags<p>An image alt tag follows your graphic address or url in your html code. These words will be displayed in place of your graphics through an older browser or when your visitors have their graphics turned off. To fully optimize your graphics, insert several of your keywords in<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 118074"> alt tags of<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 118075"> graphics located at<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 118076"> top of your pages.<p>Example: <p><IMG SRC="wsmain.gif" WIDTH="318" HEIGHT="62" ALT="Webmaster Resources - Free resources for<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 118077"> webmaster" BORDER="0"> <br><br></font></td><!-- google_ad_section_end --></tr><tr><td>Cont'd on page 2 ==<a class="mlink" href="2-Don't_Let_HTML_Scare_Or_Deter_You_From_Getting_Your_Business_Online!-18060.htm">></a></td></tr></table><script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "pub-5766870852072819"; google_ad_width = 728; google_ad_height = 90; google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; google_ad_channel ="8831454965"; google_color_border = "CFB9A1"; google_color_bg = "CFB9A1"; google_color_link = "000000"; google_color_url = "431B02"; google_color_text = "431B02"; //--></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> </td> </tr> </table> <table width="770" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td height="48" align="center" background="images/bg_nav_bottm.jpg"><span class="style3"> © 2005<br> <a href="terms.html" rel="nofollow">Terms of Use</a></span></td> </tr> </table></td> </tr> </table> <script type="text/javascript"> var HASH_ESCAPED="%23"; function TrackIt(adUnit){ if (window.status) { var adDomain = escape(window.status.substring(6)); var pyPage = document.location.pathname; var params =; var hasAnchor = params.lastIndexOf(HASH_ESCAPED)!= -1; params = hasAnchor? (params.substring(0, params.lastIndexOf(HASH_ESCAPED))) : params; pyPage = escape(pyPage.substring(pyPage.lastIndexOf('/') + 1)); pyPage = pyPage + params; var curTime = new Date().valueOf(); var bug = new Image(); bug.src = '/track/adsenseTrack.php?pyPage=' + pyPage + '&adDomain=' + adDomain + '&adUnit=' + adUnit + "&time=" + curTime; } } function TrackIt0() {TrackIt(0); } function TrackIt1() {TrackIt(1); } function TrackIt2() {TrackIt(2); } var elements = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe"); for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) { if(elements[i].src.indexOf('') > -1) { //elements[i].onfocus = TrackIt; if (i==0) elements[i].onfocus = TrackIt0; if (i==1) elements[i].onfocus = TrackIt1; if (i==2) elements[i].onfocus = TrackIt2; } } </script> <!--WEBBOT bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan ALT="Site Meter" --> <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">var site="s19improve"</script> <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript1.2" src=""> </script> <noscript> <a href="" target="_top"> <img src="" alt="Site Meter" border=0></a> </noscript> <!-- Copyright (c)2002 Site Meter --> <!--WEBBOT bot="HTMLMarkup" Endspan --> </body> </html>