Don't Just Advertise, Track Your Advertising!

Written by Pat Singleton

Advertising is not an exact science, so you need to give yourself every advantage, when it comes to determining where to spend your budget!

When you place your Contact or Autoresponder info atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 101133 ad, do it so it's a simple clickable link:

put ?subject=key after your email address.


Or if you prefer to just drive traffic to your web site you can userepparttar 101134 same concept just a different format.


Then when you check your stats from your counter program you'll seerepparttar 101135 different keys representing where your visitors came from.

Always use a short descriptive Key, and always keep a record of which Key goes with which ad!


Ad placed in John Doe's Weekly Mktg Tips

Key used = "JD"

Set up a simple text record to keep track of your results:

Source URL-Key Ad-Key Date Type **************************************************************************** IMS Ezine IMS 01/01/01 Ad World Profit WP 02/15/01 Banner

Harness The Marketing Power of Postcards

Written by Robert Imbriale

Do you dream of dramatically increasingrepparttar number of people who come to your web site? Do you tend to limit yourself only to Internet-based promotions?

I want to share a little secret with you about how you can use a regular old postcard to build traffic to your web site byrepparttar 101132 thousands in almost no time at all!

Now before you go out ofrepparttar 101133 room screaming, just listen for just a moment. This past month, I have been using postcards with my clients and they have a dded literally thousands of names to their client lists! That's right, and they did it by using little 3x5 inch postcards that are sent via regular old snail-mail!

I realize that this is not new technology, and that it may not even be all that sexy, but what I do know is that it REALLY WORKS! Andrepparttar 101134 results are nothing shy of amazing, if you know how to makerepparttar 101135 most of this powerful medium.

Are you curious to learn how? Read on because I am going to tell you and then I'll share a few secrets to postcard marketing that will explode your response rate!

Postcards work because more people read them. . .and they are read more often because there is no envelope to open. Everybody will look at a brightly colored postcard when it arrives inrepparttar 101136 mail. Sorepparttar 101137 first thing to know is that you always use brightly colored postcards. I prefer sunshine yellow for my postcards.

Start with a powerful offer. I like to offer a FREE E-BOOK. So I putrepparttar 101138 words "FREE E-BOOK" in big bold letters acrossrepparttar 101139 top ofrepparttar 101140 postcard. Yes, it's fine to be bold! Remember, your goal is to capture attention, so userepparttar 101141 biggest, boldest type face you can get!

Under that bold headline, I'll generally provide a little more info aboutrepparttar 101142 value ofrepparttar 101143 Free E-book. It may look like this:

"You can GET RICH onrepparttar 101144 Internet! Learn how in a powerful FREE E-Book by Expert Internet Marketer, Robert Imbriale. Claim your FREE copy of this eye-opening E-Book now! Go to"

That's it. I will not put any more copy onrepparttar 101145 postcard. I may include a graphic ofrepparttar 101146 cover ofrepparttar 101147 e-book, but nothing else. It's possible to say too much, so you're better off saying less, and getting more response because repparttar 101148 prospect is now curious and will come to your web site to find out more!

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