Don't Have a "Blue" Holiday Sales Season

Written by Gary Onks

Today's Wall Street Journal has a lengthy article about retailers expecting a "blue" holiday sales season of low sales. Unfortunately this is exactly what will happen to many of them. However, it will not be because ofrepparttar war, September 11, economic slowdown or indifferent shoppers, as so many analysts believe.

The real reason for lackluster sales this holiday season will be due to companies staying focused onrepparttar 109024 youth market instead ofrepparttar 109025 highly lucrative 50+ senior market.

Most companies fail to see that this consumer segment comprises 39% of all goods and services purchased annually and that they control over 80% ofrepparttar 109026 financial assets in existence today. Seniors also have 26% more disposable or discretionary income than any other segment of consumers, and they control 44% ofrepparttar 109027 purchasing decisions made by all family members.

Corporate America has been so enthralled by E-Commerce andrepparttar 109028 Internet forrepparttar 109029 past 3 years that they have paid very little attention torepparttar 109030 Age Wave that has begun. Hype and Flash have dominatedrepparttar 109031 business world focus with a heavy move on Out withrepparttar 109032 Old and In withrepparttar 109033 New. At best companies have put any marketing interest about seniors onrepparttar 109034 back burner, even though they are aware thatrepparttar 109035 Baby Boomers are aging past 50 and times are changing.

Why This Is The Best Year Ever to Shop AND Sell OnLine

Written by Shannan Hearne

Internet shopping has been a fad for many. They tried it one year with minimal success and major headaches and stayed away from it ever since. There have been credit card scams, delayed deliveries, and confusion over orders.

But not this year.

E-Tailers are better prepared than ever to make your online holiday shopping fast, easy, and hassle free. Online security is better than ever. Retailers are offering super buys and deals like never before. Sites like make it fast and simple to findrepparttar best deals. Retailers like eToys are sending email alerts to consumers every time they put items on sale. And consumers are learning quickly how to best utilizerepparttar 109023 internet for their holiday shopping.

So not only is this a great year for consumers, but for retailers as well. The following are great ways to increase sales and develop loyal customers:

* Run sales, offer email alerts, and invite site visitors to sign up for your mailing list. Make shopping at your e-site easy and fun. Brick and mortar retailers burn holiday fragrance candles and offer cookies and apple cider. Give your shoppers holiday music, decorated sites, and great buys.

* Advertise. Advertise. Advertise. Purchase classified and banner advertising on sites that give visitors holiday shopping recommendations. Advertise specific products or services in ezines that reach your niche market. Participate in joint campaigns with other sites. If you are a reseller for someone else, find out if you have co-op advertising dollars available.

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