Don't Forget to Say, "Thank You"

Written by Matthew C. Keegan

One ofrepparttar biggest mistake for job seeks is to not follow up an important interview with a thank you note torepparttar 147639 people who interviewed them. Human Resources experts note that as few as 10% of interviewees takerepparttar 147640 time to say, "thank you." Let's take a look as why writing a thank you isrepparttar 147641 right thing to do and list some tips on how to write one.

If you are a candidate for a particular position you need every edge possible to land a job. Writing a thank you note is important because:

1. It reinforces your interest inrepparttar 147642 position.

2. A note shows your professionalism and suggests that you are organized, reliable, and efficient. It also underscores that you know how to deliver a personal touch. If your job is in customer service, companies will seerepparttar 147643 note as especially advantageous.

3. It proves that you understand proper business protocol.

For two candidates of equal strength and competency,repparttar 147644 thank you note may berepparttar 147645 tiebreaker people of hiring authority will use when selectingrepparttar 147646 winning candidate.

Content of Your Thank You Note

Your thank you note should mentionrepparttar 147647 following:

1. Reiterate your interest inrepparttar 147648 position.

2. Reiterate one key point ofrepparttar 147649 interview. For example, if you learned thatrepparttar 147650 company is launching a new product linerepparttar 147651 following year and you will have an important part in its launch, you could state how you will furtherrepparttar 147652 goals ofrepparttar 147653 company in helping to roll outrepparttar 147654 new product line.

The Four P's of an Informational Interview

Written by Ryan Stewart

A critical part ofrepparttar pharmaceutical sales job search isrepparttar 147412 informational interview that you will conduct with your networking contacts. Obviously, these information-gathering meetings will provide you with valuable insight into things like day to day activities, company culture, professionalism, and overall mood ofrepparttar 147413 company (or at leastrepparttar 147414 rep you’re interviewing). Onrepparttar 147415 other hand, informational interview s give you a chance to practicerepparttar 147416 skills that you’ve acquired that will later be used in your interview. The PharmBoard Four P’s should be able to help you getrepparttar 147417 most out of your informational interview .

1. Plan - Asrepparttar 147418 old adage says, “If you fail to plan, you’ve planned to fail”. As with any phone call, networking meeting, or sales call, you should enterrepparttar 147419 informational interview with a specific goal in mind. Here are a few things you might want to walk away fromrepparttar 147420 interview having gained. * Information aboutrepparttar 147421 company’s future - You may want to ask whatrepparttar 147422 plans are forrepparttar 147423 sales force inrepparttar 147424 long term and short term. Doesrepparttar 147425 company plan on launching any new drugs inrepparttar 147426 next few years? * Information aboutrepparttar 147427 contact herself - Does this contact haverepparttar 147428 ability to help me get a job in pharmaceutical sales - either directly or indirectly? What does this contact do on a daily basis? Does she enjoy her job? Does she find a sense of satisfaction in what she does? * The contact’s input on how you might go about your search - Doesrepparttar 147429 contact believe you need more sales experience? Does he believe you haverepparttar 147430 right demeanor to succeed inrepparttar 147431 job? Does he think you’re overqualified? 2. Prepare - In other words, research. You will be amazed at . . . * How much more willing a contact is to talk business with you if you already know a bit aboutrepparttar 147432 business to begin with. Just as an auto racer would probably not be interested in answeringrepparttar 147433 question, “How do you start your car?”, a professional pharmaceutical rep isn’t typically impressed when a wannabe says, “So, do you have to wear a suit every day?” * How much more fruitful your informational interview will be if you are in tune withrepparttar 147434 company andrepparttar 147435 industry goings on. Reps like to educate. They like to share their thoughts onrepparttar 147436 state ofrepparttar 147437 industry and their company. They like to speculate - even about your future as a drug rep. If you can initiate some of these discussions, you will win.

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