Don't Forget These Memory Tricks

Written by Steve Gillman

What'srepparttar biggest problem with memory tricks? Remembering to use them, of course. There are many memory techniques that work well, but you'll forget them when you need them most - unless you make using them a habit. So when you takerepparttar 142725 time to learn a technique, use it until it becomes automatic. Here are some to try.

Using a Story-List

I went to a party as a child. There was a game that involved looking at a table covered in 15 various items. After a few minutes, we were taken to another room, and each child was given paper and a pencil. We had to write down as many items as we could remember. I recalled seven or eight, but one boy wonrepparttar 142726 prize by remembering all 15 items.

Years later I learned why he won. His father taught him a simple trick that none of us other kids knew. The technique is to tierepparttar 142727 items together in an imaginative story. For example, what if you want to remember a list ofrepparttar 142728 following things: Soap, milk, honey, fork, and flowers.

Start a vivid story in your imagination, adding each item to it as you go: Atrepparttar 142729 sink, you reach forrepparttar 142730 SOAP. The soap dish is full of MILK, so you wash your hands in that. Then you comb HONEY into your hair with a FORK, and finally pick up a bouquet of FLOWERS and smile atrepparttar 142731 mirror. Say each item while mentally reviewing your "movie," and you'll remember all five things, evenrepparttar 142732 next day.

Our Intuition and Instincts are our Friends

Written by Ellen Zucker

Sayrepparttar word intuition, and some will cringe. It sounds too new-age, too touchy-feely. And its close cousin, instinct, sounds animalistic.

Western culture tends to denigrate information that comes to us through means other than logic, reason and analysis.

Yet, intuition and instinct can save us from hassle and heartache, lead us to happiness, even save our lives.

Here's a real life example.

A number of years ago I was driving in Manhattan on a Saturday night. The light was green. I was crossing Second Avenue, when out ofrepparttar 142653 corner of my eye I saw a car approachingrepparttar 142654 intersection from my left running his red light.

I had about a quarter of a second before impact. There was no time for to think, no time for fear. only time to act.

I gunnedrepparttar 142655 gas.


My car was lifted intorepparttar 142656 air, spinning as I was jerked around as if I were in a crazy carnival ride.

The impact was onrepparttar 142657 left side,repparttar 142658 driver's side ofrepparttar 142659 car. I was inrepparttar 142660 middIe ofrepparttar 142661 intersection when I feltrepparttar 142662 impact.

I sawrepparttar 142663 driver's side window dissolve. The impact was so great that when I landed,repparttar 142664 car was onrepparttar 142665 sidewalk facing intorepparttar 142666 street. Its back was just inches away fromrepparttar 142667 traffic light.

My car was totaled butrepparttar 142668 seatbelt held firm. I walked out with nothing more than a few minor scratches.

When I gunnedrepparttar 142669 gas, my car advanced just enough sorepparttar 142670 other vehicle hitrepparttar 142671 rear passenger seats and notrepparttar 142672 driver's seat.

That action saved me from, at minimum, serious physical injury.

It was an action of sheer instinct - coming fromrepparttar 142673 “right side ofrepparttar 142674 brain.”

From time to time we are all called to make snap judgments, we have all gotten a bad feeling about a person, a situation.

We've all utteredrepparttar 142675 phrase, “I can't put my finger on it, but …” And more often than not, later on, our apprehensions are confirmed by events.

That is our intuition talking.

So ... Are you listening?

Your ability to size up people in a first impression is, in part,repparttar 142676 result of your taking inrepparttar 142677 person's body language, dress and demeanor on an unconscious level. Although I think there is more to it than that,repparttar 142678 question of what makes up intuition is beyondrepparttar 142679 scope of this article.

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