Don't Expect To Earn Fast Money Online

Written by Torgeir Sunnarvik

I've spentrepparttar last three years working towards actually earning money online. In most of that time period though,repparttar 136527 money has been leaving my wallet faster than it has been coming into my wallet.


In my first year online, I tried all kinds of "earn-money-fast opportunities" --- everything from MLM to turnkey websites. I hate to admit this, but if I didn't make any moneyrepparttar 136528 first couple of months after I had signed up for one of these programs, I just gave up and moved on torepparttar 136529 next opportunity.

Then I would beginrepparttar 136530 whole process all over again. I found a new site that promised to all who joined, that they would earn a lot of money fast, and they would earn their money without hard work.

I knowrepparttar 136531 truth now, it was just another line of bulls**t!!!!

Twelve months later, all I had to show for my first year online, was many wasted hours and lots of wasted money.


As I began my second year, I realized that I had to make my own website. I didn't know anything about HTML. And, I knew nothing about where to find a hosting company, or even why I needed one. Sorepparttar 136532 first six months of that second year, I was learningrepparttar 136533 basics of how to become a webmaster. I read through allrepparttar 136534 forums about web-mastering and SEO that I could find onrepparttar 136535 Internet, and tried to build a website that finally could make me some money.

I finally got my website up and running.

Forrepparttar 136536 first 8 months that I had my website, I did not earn any real money for all of my hard work. The worst thing that could happen to a person began to happen to me... I began to lose hope. I began to believe that making money fromrepparttar 136537 Internet was just a far-fetched dream that I could never attain on my own.

I was not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have met or will meet this same crossroad in their Internet careers. Some will takerepparttar 136538 easy road and walk away from their dreams. Others will push on, not willing to let their dreams die.

I decided to push on.

I added new pages of content to my website every week. I exchanged links with other websites as often I could. Slowly and steadily,repparttar 136539 visitors were starting to come to my little corner ofrepparttar 136540 internet to browse and buy.

Inrepparttar 136541 early stages, I had 30-50 visitors each day. Then, I began to see 100-150 a day. And soon,repparttar 136542 first small amount of money was earned through my website.

Now it's 4 months after my first payday, andrepparttar 136543 traffic is still getting higher each week. Even though I'm not earning a whole lot of money now, I believe it's just a matter of time until I can leave my day job.

Making Money With Adult Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Written by Sinemerald

Yes, you can make money with an adult pay per click affiliate program. I know because I get checks every month in excess of a thousand dollars. These type of affiliate programs have a bad rap for not paying webmasters and accusing them of cheating. Stick with trusted sponsors and followrepparttar affiliate guidelines and terms ofrepparttar 136407 sponsor and you will make money.

Remember a sponsor has to make money from your traffic to pay you.

Basic Common Sense Guidelines That Will Get You A check

(1) Don't send fake traffic generated from hitbots, redirects, friends clicking on links and software generating automatic hits, it won't work.

(2) Don't spam via email. This will result in instant cancellation of your account.

(3) Don't send traffic from non-english speaking websites unless your sponsor permits it. Most non-english speaking traffic is of little or no value to your sponsor.

(4) Don't send your junk traffic, example: multiple exit consoles, traffic that was generated from a pop up that was generated from another pop up. These are multiple pop up windows thatrepparttar 136408 surfer will be annoyed with and close them as fast as possible resulting in no profits generated for you or your affiliate sponsor. I send my sponsors decent traffic and I make money.

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