Don't Eat Fat! Don't Eat Carbs! What CAN we eat?

Written by Joe Serpico

You've heardrepparttar advice ofrepparttar 145413 popular weight loss diets. Cutrepparttar 145414 fat! Cutrepparttar 145415 carbs! Cutrepparttar 145416 calories! Eat a balanced diet! But how can you cut though all ofrepparttar 145417 confusion, and eat a diet that's balanced and healthy?

Here'srepparttar 145418 advice from nutritional science:

Cutrepparttar 145419 JUNK fats: Most people do not need an ultra low fat diet. But most of us could improve our diet by cutting outrepparttar 145420 junk fats. Basically, these arerepparttar 145421 processed fats: hydrogenated fats, polyunsaturated oils that have been heated, and fats that are combined with junk carbs. Processed fats arerepparttar 145422 fats most likely to put on flab and clog your arteries.

Cutrepparttar 145423 JUNK carbs. Most people do not need an ultra low carb diet. But unfortunately, so many people who go on a low fat diet continue to eat highly processed foods - they switch from processed high-fat to processed low-fat. And when food manufacturers create low fat foods, they tend to replacerepparttar 145424 fat with junk carbs, that tend to pile onrepparttar 145425 pounds. Basically, junk carbs are low-fiber carbs. Like sugar, fructose (and allrepparttar 145426 other *oses), flour, cornstarch, fruit juice. Yes, fruit juice is a junk carb too! - After all, how much fiber is there in fruit juice? - Virtually none - its yet another junk carb. You should eatrepparttar 145427 whole fruit instead, with its fiber intact.

Cutrepparttar 145428 JUNK calories. Most people do not need an ultra low calorie diet. But just think what your diet would be like if you droppedrepparttar 145429 processed fats andrepparttar 145430 low-fiber carbs. You'd be eating mainly natural proteins, with lots of vegetables plus whole fruits - andrepparttar 145431 odds are that you would be eating far fewer calories as well. That'srepparttar 145432 kind of calorie cutting most of us should be doing.

Losing Weight - Stop Focusing on the Carrots!

Written by Peter Neilson

What do I mean by that?

Well, carrots are good for you and I encourage all of my clients to eat them - as well as allrepparttar other veggies - whenever they can. The problem I find with most of my clients looking to lose weight is that they are focused onrepparttar 145412 wrong things. They will come to me and say, "I have taken carrots out of my diet because I heard that they contain "sugar" and that's bad right?"

Now carrots do have some sugar in them but in VERY small amounts. The benefits of eating carrots FAR outweighrepparttar 145413 costs and that is my point. Instead of focusing on that tiny amount of sugar in a healthy vegetable they should be focused on whether or not they went torepparttar 145414 gym 4 times this week like they were supposed to. Or if they have been consistent with thier diet "as a whole" overrepparttar 145415 last month.

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