Don't Dream It, DO IT!

Written by Janet Fisher

A music "dream" isn't something that just happens one day. You don't sign-on-the-line and gain a freedom from responsibility. Music is not a one-round game, but a continuing, daily thread. It isrepparttar way your real world works in conjunction with your music world. (They should overlap, or at least impact/reflect each other DAILY.) Don't DREAM it, DO it.

DEFINE THE DREAM What is it you are actually trying to do? Berepparttar 124084 world's best writer? Become a megastar performer? Leadrepparttar 124085 church choir? Own a record label that records other acts?

You would not believe how many writer/artists come to me, saying they just want to do "something" inrepparttar 124086 Music Industry. Sorry, you have to specialize a bit more than that!

Sit down with paper and pen. Define EXACTLY what it is in your heart that you dream of. (Hint,repparttar 124087 biggerrepparttar 124088 dream,repparttar 124089 harder to achieve...but as long as you are prepared to give what it takes, you'll find a place inrepparttar 124090 scheme of things.)

Byrepparttar 124091 way, I have to do this, because I get sidetracked by wanting to do too many things. I constantly have to reassess projects and schedules...just part of business in a busy, busy world.

RESEARCH THE DREAM Let's say you decided that you want to be a great writer, who is successfully cut onrepparttar 124092 charts, and makes a lot of money. Do you know whatrepparttar 124093 real charts are? Who's on them currently? What labels are consistently charted? The styles ofrepparttar 124094 top ten successes inrepparttar 124095 last two years?

Do you know whatrepparttar 124096 actual elements of a great standard song are? Can you namerepparttar 124097 top sellers of all time in your genre? The top sellers ofrepparttar 124098 current year? And do you know why they attained success? Do you hone your skills and knowledge whenever you have a chance?

Can you makerepparttar 124099 presentation of your art a commercial reality? Not just WILL you, CAN you?

PRACTICE THE DREAM Go do 150 sit ups without practice. Go write a great song without practice. You have to practice (i.e., actually write) everyday, just like you would with any improvement program. Ifrepparttar 124100 newest song you are showing is old, you are not competing as a writer.

REWRITE THE DREAM If something doesn't gorepparttar 124101 exact direction you thought it should have, rewriterepparttar 124102 situation. If it'srepparttar 124103 song that has flaws, rewrite it until they are gone. If it'srepparttar 124104 voice, get some training.

If it'srepparttar 124105 gig, create one that works for you. When I was playing gigs in KCMO, I went torepparttar 124106 Plaza, to nice places that DIDN'T have entertainment. I'd offerrepparttar 124107 owner a free evening of music, if he liked it, I'd work X amount of weekends for X amount per night. I almost always gotrepparttar 124108 gig, partly because I was prepared, partly because few can resist something for nothing and not sense some obligatory return. (Most wanted entertainment, but had no idea they could afford it.) For me, it was a way to go.


Written by Helen Peelman

What does it take in our everyday lives to be successful? In order to evaluate this question it is first necessary to understand what "success" is and what all successful people have in common. It is probably safe to assume that anyone reading this article wants to be successful.However, only 5% ofrepparttar population will ever reach their potential for all activities, 95% ofrepparttar 124083 people will never truly be successful.By definition, success isrepparttar 124084 realization of a worthy deal. Success is different for every individual.For some people, an annual income of $25,000 would be a success, for another it may be $125,000. Whatever it may be for you, there are 5 characteristics that you must have in common with other successful people in order to achieve true success.

Goals arerepparttar 124085 single most important factor in achieving success. Without a realistic goal, how will you ever know when you have reached your success level.All successful people set goals.All goals must be realistic, short term, measurable and obtainable withinrepparttar 124086 bounds of your own perception.As time passes, your goals can always be adjusted upward to reach your ultimate goal of success. However, if your initial goal is to be worth $1,000,000 by repparttar 124087 year end and you are currently only worth $100,000 with an annual income of $50,000 a year and this is November, you most likely will never be able to reach it and therefore, it is unrealistic.Biting off a job in small portions makesrepparttar 124088 eventual achievement ofrepparttar 124089 total task seem easier and manageable.All successful people constantly set goals, re-evaluate their goals and scale them upward toward even greateraccomplishments.

A positive attitude isrepparttar 124090 second factor that successful people have in common.I have never met a truly successful person who I would consider a "self made" success that did not have a positive attitude.These people relate torepparttar 124091 world on a positive basis.They always look forrepparttar 124092 "can do" notrepparttar 124093 "can not do" side of every situation. "If you think you can or if you think you can't, you're right."All successful people truly believe not only in themselves, but inrepparttar 124094 reality of their goals. A positive attitude is contagious and when it is sincere,repparttar 124095 people with whom you come in contact will relate to you and your activities with a vitality and positive attitude that causes a winning, successful environment.

The truth is always best to deal with for several reasons, notrepparttar 124096 least important of which is that it is alwaysrepparttar 124097 easiest to remember.If you are going to be successful, you will not have time, energy and ability to remember untruths, or lies that you have told people. This consumes valuable energy and detracts fromrepparttar 124098 power needed to run a successful life.The truth is easy to remember and generally, inrepparttar 124099 long term, easier to deal with. True winners are always ready to facerepparttar 124100 truth in situations and handle things as they deal with them on a timely basis and then proceed to get on withrepparttar 124101 business of running a successful, prosperous life.Never having to back track to cover up problem areas.

Research and Development in today's society have become extremely important to all major corporations.This is where all new products and ideas evolve.Successful individuals have always understood this principal on a personal level and they constantly strive to improve their own abilities through such methods as formal educational systems, seminars, reading books, listening to ideasrepparttar 124102 thoughts of others, and in any manner that presents itself to them.Successful people truly believe they can improve themselves and constantly strive to seek methods and means that will help them accomplish this task. They also know that there is a price to pay for this success andrepparttar 124103 return on investment is sometimes great and sometimes small, but thatrepparttar 124104 return withoutrepparttar 124105 investment is alwaysrepparttar 124106 same "0".

"Thinking isrepparttar 124107 hardest work there is, which isrepparttar 124108 probable reason why so few engage in it." -Henry Ford

Man's ability over all other creatures on this Earth isrepparttar 124109 ability to think.All successful people use this talent to improve their lives and control their own destiny.Only you can takerepparttar 124110 initial step towardrepparttar 124111 unleashing ofrepparttar 124112 power within your own mind. The power is awesome and at times can be frightening. However, man has abilities ofrepparttar 124113 mind that many people can not or would not believe.Anthony Robbins has recently written a book entitled "Unlimited Power" which explains in simple termsrepparttar 124114 theories of Neuro Linguistic Programming,repparttar 124115 power ofrepparttar 124116 mind and how to gain control and use it.NLP was originally developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler as a communication system usingrepparttar 124117 central nervous system.Through this system Mr. Robbins has put forth a complete outline on how to unleash your "performance power" and achieve goals that before you probably felt were impossible.

he first step in using your true mental abilities is understanding what Mr. Robbins refers to asrepparttar 124118 seven triggering mechanisms that is sure success.

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