Don't Count Your Chickens Before Your Eggs Hatch

Written by Shelly Rich Friedling

Honestly, this IS advice for those in business, and not just colorful local lingo!

People have a tendency to do two things when closing that first big sale, or watchingrepparttar hit counter fly due torepparttar 127330 newest supermonster-nothingbeatsit-trafficgeneratorX: A)sit back, start filing your nails, and say "wow, I did it, smooth sailing from here on in"...or b)jump around, pat your self onrepparttar 127331 back and celebrate-go fishing, buy a car, start writing acceptance speeces for business ofrepparttar 127332 year ... but both hold a highly dangerous common thread: neglectingrepparttar 127333 immediate future.

It's ok-even appropriate and deserved-when you finally start seeing those results you've been working toward, to take a deep breath and relax. It's super to think in grandiose terms; without dreams, life would seem small indeed.

BUT, come back to earth quickly;repparttar 127334 supermonster might crash, your big customer can also go bust, and your silver lining might tarnish fast. Go ahead and start reeling inrepparttar 127335 next "big one."

This IS actuallyrepparttar 127336 best time to either prospect or close other sales; when you're on a sales high (yes, you athletes, it happens!), you're feeling your best, and that energy will be reflected!

Hopefully your business plan includes daily income producing activities (IPAs). These can be small; send a new ad to a different type of ezine, add a new product or try a new type of service (eg ppc search engine or lead generation program). They are alsorepparttar 127337 activities that bring you up in unexpected setbacks, because just atrepparttar 127338 point something falls through, those seeds sown start springing up. If you put all your eggs in one basket, what happens if you drop it?

The Power of Belief and Expectation

Written by John Boe

By John Boe

While you may not always get what you want, you will always get what you expect! Belief isrepparttar most powerful state of mind because your belief system defines and shapes who you are and determines your potential. I believe Henry Ford was correct when he said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.” Your belief system doesn’t differentiate or judge, it simply accepts as truth what you feed it. Interestingly enough,repparttar 127329 power of belief and expectation works just as effectively on your feelings of self-doubt and limitation as it does on your thoughts of success and achievement. Think thoughts of defeat or failure and you are bound to be discouraged. In his classic book, The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale revealed thatrepparttar 127330 strangest secret in life is that you become what you think about. If you want to know what you believe, look at what you are experiencing in your life. As within, so without. Your thoughts are creative and express themselves through your emotions, which in turn, drive your actions. Everything you say is literally an affirmation, both positive and negative. You must be careful to guard your thoughts and words for they become your deeds.

I once heard a story about an eager, new insurance agent who had just received his license and was looking for prospects. He met with a successful businessman who had agreed to provide him with referrals. As he handedrepparttar 127331 salesman

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