Don't Buy Your On-Line Marketing Articles From Article Factories

Written by Elizabeth Kirwin

I was busiy submitting some articles I ghost wrote for a client to some web portals late one night, when I was struck by a message a web site editor left for visitors. I won’t tell yourepparttar actual site name, or mentionrepparttar 150554 company that they are targeting with their message in order to protect their privacy. Butrepparttar 150555 message went something like this. “STOP! If you are submitting articles from article factory, we do NOT publish them on this site.” Hire a Professional Writer to Make Work Publishable This made me pause. I’m a writer by trade and I was submitting original material. I would never even dream of doing otherwise. Many professionals, evenrepparttar 150556 most seasoned in their respective fields, cannot write well. So, they usually hire somebody like me to polish their thoughts, and edit their material to make their work publishable and syndicate it onrepparttar 150557 internet. Don’t Buy Unoriginal Material Then there arerepparttar 150558 other crop of professionals, who pay large sums of money to “article factories” who sell them mass produced material. Obviously, “article factories” sold these same articles to others as well. Professionals are eager to purchase articles such as these, because they are not experienced writers and feel they cannot do it themselves. Search engines are text based. So, keyword rich articles syndicated onrepparttar 150559 internet and published on a company home page is one ofrepparttar 150560 most effective strategies of drivingrepparttar 150561 right kind of traffic to a web site. Site Editors Know Quality Material Web portal editors who regularly recruit original articles are getting wise to “article factories.” Editors are enraged byrepparttar 150562 massive repetitive submissions they receive because it wastes their time to have to weed throughrepparttar 150563 crap. Many are just beginning to fight back. If you are guilty of purchasing articles that are sold to large numbers of individuals – stop it now. It won’t get you anywhere. Editors know when they are being dumped on. And they won’t publish this work onrepparttar 150564 world wide web. They will remember who sent it to them, and not in a positive way, either. The Creative Idea is Currency I tell my writing students at University of North Carolina Asheville, that we live in a world starved for creative ideas. Ten years ago,repparttar 150565 phrase that swept through corporate America was: “thinking out ofrepparttar 150566 box.” Now it’srepparttar 150567 “idea person” who hasrepparttar 150568 most currency in a company. But you can’t just be an “idea person” -- you have to know how to execute, too.

Tracking & Troubleshooting for Increased Sales

Written by Diane Hughes

Copyright 2005 Diane Hughes

So many times, online business owners are confused about where their sales come from. They think they are helpless after a visitor arrives at their site. Nothing could be further fromrepparttar truth!

In fact, asrepparttar 150371 site owner, you are extremely powerful. With just a little tracking and troubleshooting, you can dramatically improve both your site visitors' experience and your overall profits.


Knowing where your visitors are coming from gives you a lot of ideas. Whilerepparttar 150372 site stats that come with most hosting packages are OK, there is a lot of room for improvements in most cases. Between hits, clicks, unique visitors, and page views who really knows just how many people end up at your site and from where?

Once you understand which ads, banners, or PPC search engine lists pull better, you are able to spend your advertising funds more effectively.


Track Your Ads

Spend a little time investigating tracking services. ProBizTrack at (my own service) is affordable and effective. It will give you a start. Even if you choose to go with a service besides mine, use something to help you know for sure which ads are pulling and which are just wasting your money.

If you think tracking services are too expensive, you can still track results semi-effectively. Use coding atrepparttar 150373 end of your links. By placing "?code" (withoutrepparttar 150374 quotes) atrepparttar 150375 end of your domain name, you create a unique page. This page will be visible in your Web site stats. For example, if you are advertising in The Best Ezine, you can userepparttar 150376 URL of to track visits to your page.

Become Your Own Affiliate

Another idea for those who sell electronic products via ClickBank (or other services) is to sign up as your own affiliate under several "nicknames." Then you can use your various affiliate IDs in ads. NOTE: You will have to pay your affiliate program’s fee on any sales made throughrepparttar 150377 affiliate links, but you’ll get some good information in exchange.

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