Don't Be a Reciprocal Linking Turkey!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Don't Be A Reciprocal Linking Turkey!

I had an email exchange with an SEO client today after his webmaster called him pushing reciprocal linking software (when all this web designer was after was to generate some extra work from a client that hasn't needed him for awhile). Then that client called me after he received my email de- nouncingrepparttar software, fully convinced by a follow-up phone call from his web designer thatrepparttar 119348 reciprocal linking soft- ware WAS valuable.

He had been assured thatrepparttar 119349 spamming, er - I mean, linking software, would increase his visiblity for an inside page on a hot topic currently inrepparttar 119350 news. He didn't want to hear my unpopular opinion that reciprocal linking is DEAD! Halloween is over people! We don't needrepparttar 119351 mummies of yesterdays' linking schemes haunting our Thanksgiving too! Oh, it must be a Thanksgiving TURKEY! A reciprocal Linking Turkey! Can reciprocal linking Santa's be far behind? OK, I'll droprepparttar 119352 holiday metaphors.

I tried in vain to convince this client that he didn't need that software for his review ofrepparttar 119353 new Myriad Pictures flm, "Kinsey" about early sex educator Professor Alfred Kinsey. We had just that morning distributed a press release online which is now posted on over 100 high visibility news sites and Yahoo news picked it up!

These are hugely valuable ONE WAY inbound links that will vastly improve his search engine ranking immediately due torepparttar 119354 topical nature and excellent timing ofrepparttar 119355 release. This client is a sex educator and runs an educational web site about sex and love. His press release put downrepparttar 119356 idea ofrepparttar 119357 use ofrepparttar 119358 new Intrinsa© testosterone patch to curerepparttar 119359 low sexual desire of post-menopausal women and praisedrepparttar 119360 new film Kinsey. He'll be top ranked for two highly desirable and valuable (to him and his web site) keyword phrases withinrepparttar 119361 week.

Byrepparttar 119362 way, I HIGHLY recommend this approach for those with newsworthy issues they want to promote torepparttar 119363 press. will send your newsworthy press release to over 100 top news sites, hundreds more radio, television and newspaper reporters, and tons of journalists who have signed up to receive them. is syndicated by major news organizations and you can gain hundreds of links while generating interviews and even television appearances, all for only $400! Some people will pay that much for worthless reciprocal linking software and installation by webmasters having a slow week. ;-) Back to our story...

I re-affirmed my opposition torepparttar 119364 use ofrepparttar 119365 software as we ended our call and he hung up disappointed because he wanted my support and assurance thatrepparttar 119366 sales pitch he got from his web designer onrepparttar 119367 reciprocal linking software was accurate and that it would do more for him than this press release.

Unfortunately, we'll never know because he boughtrepparttar 119368 sales pitch fromrepparttar 119369 web designer, installedrepparttar 119370 software and immediately sent out a sp*m - AHEM, er, I meant to say - email to his newsletter mailing list announcingrepparttar 119371 availability of reciprocal links and asking them for links to his newsworthy new pages.

Simple ideas on link exchange that could mean millions for your online business.

Written by Anti Spam League

There is no other alternative to initiating a link exchange process in order to garner maximum mileage for your web site. There are plenty of benefits you can reap out of an effective link exchange program. It is applicable to any company who spends money on online advertising in any industry.

Link popularity isrepparttar ultimate parameter in achieving supreme exposure onrepparttar 119347 web for your web site. Link popularity is measured by repparttar 119348 number and quality ofrepparttar 119349 inbound links to your site. Inbound links help to attain high search engine rankings for your web site, while producing an invaluable traffic stream from visitors clicking through onrepparttar 119350 links themselves. But your goal will remain unrealized unless you implement an intelligent link exchange strategy.

Atrepparttar 119351 same time you should not go overboard inrepparttar 119352 quest of getting more and more links. Quality should not be sacrificed atrepparttar 119353 cost of quantity. You should utilize your link exchange process so that it can win high quality links (which are links from websites that are complementary to your business and have high page ranks) for your web site, not abundant unproductive links.

Considering inbound links to your web site are a decisive factor for improved search engine ranking, you have to make sure that your incoming links are of similar theme. The companies that you link to should offer a product or service that is complementary to yours, however not in competition. Irrelevant links will not fulfil your objective.

Increased and Targeted Traffic

Effective link exchange can attract larger, quality and targeted traffic to your web site. The link exchange process helps you establish innumerable fruitful partners with other relevant web sites. Thus, you can win more quality and targeted visitors from your link partners. According to a June 2003 Forrester Research survey report, '59% of Internet consumers find web sites through links from another site'.

Enhanced Visibility

Targeted traffic and supreme search engine positioning strengthenrepparttar 119354 visibility of your web site. An efficient link exchange process can create awareness among web visitors about your web site. A strong web presence isrepparttar 119355 key for survival onrepparttar 119356 internet, especially whenrepparttar 119357 cost and competition on popular pay per click platforms such as Google Adwords and Overture are continuously rising, and only represent a fraction of potential customers.

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