Don't Be So Quick To 'Blame Others'....You May Be Next"

Written by John Evans

"Don't Be So Quick To 'Blame Others'....You May Be Next" copyright 2001-02 John Evans

Blaming others doesn't always make sense. In fact some ofrepparttar "blames" are really quite stupid.

Take these for instance:

1. Someone buys a cup of coffee in a restaurant. Same person spillsrepparttar 101934 coffiee in their lap, and is burned. Isrepparttar 101935 restaurant to blame becauserepparttar 101936 coffee was "too hot?" Ridiculous!

2. Or, a man robs a store, and happens to be wearing 'X-Brand' tennis shoes. Isrepparttar 101937 tennis shoe maker to blame forrepparttar 101938 robbery? Ridiculous!

3. If one person advertising in an ezine decides to SPAM someone, isrepparttar 101939 ezine to blame? Ridiculous!


Have you ever forgotten that you subscribed to an ezine? Do you userepparttar 101940 very same email address for all of your subscriptions in order to better keep track of them?

We use JUST ONE email address for subscriptions. Sure makes it easier to unsubscribe when I know which email address I used when I asked forrepparttar 101941 subscription.

To help us keep track of ezines we get, andrepparttar 101942 ads we send out, I made a simple advertising form. On it are these headings:Circulation, Publishing Day, MY Ad Code, My Ad #, Their Adcode, Date Placed, and Date Ad Ends.

If You Try To Learn It All At Once...You'll Never Get There

Written by John Evans

"If You Try To Learn It All At Once... You'll Never Get There" copyright 2001-02 John Evans

Remember when you were in school, and had to cram for a test? 'All that material'! 'How am I ever going to learn it all'?

That may be a classic case of "overload", or so it seemed atrepparttar time.

Back then, we HAD to "learn it all", right then and there. We had no choice, if we wanted to pass.

Running an online business, though, we do have a choice.

Maybe a common problem with many people, when they decide to start an online business, is that they try to learn it all FIRST, before they start their business.

If you try to do that, you may find yourself with SO much information, advice, and plans, that you just might become 'bogged down'.

It can happen!

One guru tells you one way to "do it", and someone else tells you something entirely different. One ebook says one thing, another ebook says something else.

Part ofrepparttar 101933 problem is that everyone has their own method of doing business online. Even those telling you 'how' to make money online, may not be actually making money themselves.

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