Don't Be Misled

Written by Pamela Geiss

Undoubtedly, if you have been online for any length of time, you get plenty of advertisements and offers in your email everyday. Some you delete, some you read. And every now and then you get one that really stands out. Looks like a really good offer! Best offer you've had in a long time. But have you really studied that offer?

I had an email like that sent to merepparttar other day. It started out talking about co-op advertising. Each person only had to put up $50 and they were going to advertise to thousands of people. Then they said, they would GUARANTEE each person at least 5 leads for each advertising slot they purchased. Since advertising is my business, I caught that immediately and wondered how they could be so sure of these ads that they would GUARANTEE leads. HOWEVER, when I stopped to figure it up, each person would be paying them $10 per lead. Well, at $10 per lead, I imagine any advertising business could promise you results. So what sounds like a great offer for a low price turns out to be a not so great offer at a ridiculously high price.

Insights to Advertising

Written by Patrick Hale (Pat @Maxaid)

.......................Insights to Advertising

By: Pat @Maxaid

If you're in biz online nothing can make you happier than those notices or invoices in your email telling you that you've made another sale. Right?

Okay these little checks just happen to find their way into your account because you are blessed byrepparttar little green check fairy, right?

Wrong ! You have earned these pay checks because of long hours searching and researching advertising vehicles, platforms, companies and individually owned ad agencies.

You have brainstormed over subject lines and ad copy. You have read a zillion ads both great and terrible. You have most likely placed ads in every possible way from solo ads to FFA pages.

May I ask, Do you cringe when you receive a Spam ad in your email that is so novice that it is plainly obvious thatrepparttar 101074 sender copied it off a web page ? Do you hate to open a new publication just to find it literally stuffed with ads ?

Okay confessional here, so did I until I realized that these ads were directly responsible for germinating many at home businesses online, Mine included. Ads arerepparttar 101075 mainstay of business online and off. Without them there are no sales thus no business.

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